Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Helping Hands

A few weeks ago I saw a very simple act occur during the third hour of our church.  In under 30 seconds the moment had passed, but the impact it had on me is still present and very poignant.

A woman in our congregation stood up to say the closing prayer after the womens' meeting had ended.  This woman has a disease that attacked her body about 6 years ago that affects her nerves.  Even though she's only in her early 60s she travels around with a walker to prevent ugly missteps since she can't depend on her body to be stable.

When Carol stood up and walked slowly (without her walker) to the front of the room to say the closing prayer, I watched from the back row as women on each side of her instantly stuck out their hand for her to grab onto as she made her way forward.  She didn't even need all the hands, but they were there anyway.  I don't even think anyone had planned on helping out.  It was just in their nature to reach out and offer support.  It wasn't that she couldn't walk.  She could.  And she actually probably would have been fine making it that 15 feet on her own.  But it took that much of her burden away to be able to reach out and grab a hand here, a hand there, until she reached her destination.

It struck me how profound this little act of love and service was and is for us as women in general.  It's not that we're not amazing, empowered women.  We are.  But isn't it touching that we are so ready in a heartbeat to reach out and lift each other up, even just a little bit, to help each other along this journey of life?  Even when we're struggling ourselves?  Compassion and service begets love, friendship, and strength

I think it's meant to be that we become even better people when we rely on each other, serve, and allow people to serve us.