Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Carter's Words

Just yesterday Carter started his first interchangeable sentence.  In one afternoon I heard him ask "Where's the bah?" (ball), "Where's the key-key?" (kitty kitty) and "Where's the goggy?" (doggy)

Kinda fun.  : )

He's spoken words much later than I am used to, so I'm excited he's got 20 words under his belt now (30 words by age 2 is good).  He didn't start saying mom or mommy until 18 months (the other boys happened to say mommy and daddy by a year if I remember right), so I love to hear him say that now; of course he said dad and daddy much earlier, to Rob's delight.  He also signs a few words, like more, please, eat, all done, and milk.

His very first word was "Uh oh."  I think that's rather inventive, don't you?  His second word was "Wow," upon seeing some balloons in the grocery store right about time for Valentine's (so he was a little over a year).  His third was probably "no."

I remember the morning he said "Where ducky?," which made no sense at all, since we were up in my bathroom in CA; I looked around for a toy duck, wondering if he knew the word duck.  But then Rob realized he was looking for Jitterbug, and simply ended up putting the emphasis on the word "the."  He was asking "Where the kitty?," and then went around the corner into the bathroom and was delighted to find her.

When we moved here I thought it was cute when he went through a phase of saying "No no no why," meaning "No, no, no way."  At first we weren't sure if he knew what he meant, but he did.  : )

He has walked around saying "coe-kee" quite a bit, but I didn't see him use it in context, so I wasn't sure if he was actually trying to say cookie.  But Monday night we decided to get out cookies for the missionaries after FHE, and when Rob announced it, off went Carter, toddling to the kitchen with all his might, saying over and over "coe-kee, coe-kee, coekee?" hopefully, and was very happy when he was rewarded with the very cookie he wanted.

Another fun one is when he asks, "Where did it go?"  It sounds like "Wheredigo?"

Carter's words make me smile.  : )