Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Web Series = a Crack at Fame & a Cruise

Pretty Darn Funny is a new webisode or three put on by Deseret Book.  Last weekend at Time Out For Women I saw a video contest revolving around said webisodes, and decided to share a few oldy-but goodies from my blog. 
So there's a video of me out there.  ONLINE.  For anyone to see.  

Of me making a fool of myself.*

 I was super nervous, and I turn into a moron in front of the camera.  Plus I rushed it.  And I make weird faces!


Please vote for me anyway!  If I actually win I get a free cruise out of it.  : )

Above is an embedded video off of youtube, but to vote for me you MUST go to the Pretty Darn Funny website and click on the "thumbs up" symbol under my video.  You can find my video under "contest" and then "recent."**

UPDATED 5/4/12: Thank you everyone for your votes so far!  You have gotten me from about 30th place to 7th place.  Keep voting out there! (Contest ends May 31st)

*And I am not just saying that so I can drum up mock sympathy.  I always cringe when I see myself on camera.  It's not a pretty picture.  Plus, the humidity killed my attempt to have pretty, curly hair for the contest.

**You would not offend me in the least if you, um, *cough cough* shared my video even with complete strangers and told them to vote for me, too . . . .  ; )