Sunday, February 14, 2010

Arrow of Light, the Pinnacle of Cub Scouting

The Arrow of Light award is the Cub Scout equivalent of earning the Boy Scout Eagle.

I'm so proud of Jeffrey for wanting to earn his Arrow of Light, and for doing so at January's pack meeting.

Jeffrey pins on the mother Arrow of Light pin just before the Arrow of Light ceremony.

And to earn it with his close friend Mahesh was a special treat. I am so proud of both of these Webelos! ('Course, I'm also the Webelos leader, so I am always proud, but I'm especially biased about these two outstanding boys)

From left to right: Me, Jeffrey, Rob, Vitthal, Mita, and Mahesh.

Mahesh and Jeffrey hold their authentic indian arrows quite safely and proudly.

Woot! Congrats, boys! You earned it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Actual answers to a class assignment:

Jeffrey was assigned one of the original thirteen colonies, and filled out a worksheet to prep for a scrapbook page he created of Maryland. One part of the worksheet asked about Maryland's geographics. Jeffrey answers are bolded & italicized--he's a 5th grader, mind you:

Geographical Information for your colony:
Rivers? Yes.
Mountains? Not sure.

Haaaahaaahaaaahaaaaa! My favorite is the last one. I can picture Jeffrey saying, "Why yes, teacher, I believe Maryland has soil."

(After Rob and I really cracked up about this, Rob helped him go look up actual rivers, mountains, and forests that exist in Maryland. Too funny!)