Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Actual answers to a class assignment:

Jeffrey was assigned one of the original thirteen colonies, and filled out a worksheet to prep for a scrapbook page he created of Maryland. One part of the worksheet asked about Maryland's geographics. Jeffrey answers are bolded & italicized--he's a 5th grader, mind you:

Geographical Information for your colony:
Rivers? Yes.
Mountains? Not sure.

Haaaahaaahaaaahaaaaa! My favorite is the last one. I can picture Jeffrey saying, "Why yes, teacher, I believe Maryland has soil."

(After Rob and I really cracked up about this, Rob helped him go look up actual rivers, mountains, and forests that exist in Maryland. Too funny!)


Kevin said...

Moments like that let you know you're fulfilling your parental responsibilities. =)

Do we know if he was just trying to be funny, because that sounds like something I would do entirely on purpose.

Kimbooly said...

Ok, I can TOTALLY see you doing this on purpose. ; )

I can even see Bryce doing it on purpose.

What was so funny to me was that Jeffrey wasn't doing it on purpose. He just took the questions quite literally, as yes or no questions, as the worksheet did not specifically say, "What are some of the rivers, mountains, forests, etc. of your colony?"

Btw, clarify to me how I'm filling my parental responsibilities in this case? I know it's a clever joke, but not what it means, as mommy mush brain has entirely taken over! : )