Monday, August 31, 2009

I knew this day would come.

It happened.

I knew it was coming.

Someone thought that Jeffrey (a 10 year old, mind you!!) dyes his hair. *chuckle*

Btw, in these pics he's holding his new cousin, Samuel Coulam, at a family reunion in Brian Head.

Here's one of the whole family (except me) at a very cool tourist spot in Virgin, UT, just outside of Zion Natl. Park. You can see Jeffrey's *natural* red hair pretty well.

*Notice Rob's dark brown hair.

And here's one that includes me at our Zion campsite
(which was H-O-T!!).

**Notice my brown hair.

* & **Thus, usually people ask where Jeffrey gets his red hair. First I joke, "The milkman," ; ) but then explain it's from Rob's grandpa.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You know you're the younger generation when...'re speaking to an audience and, desiring to know what time it is for the length of your talk, you declare:

"I need a phone."

(As opposed to asking for a watch, all you younguns who are thinking, "What's so funny about that?")

I laughed out loud last night when our young speaker at a church function asked for a cell phone to tell the time. And yes, someone gave her their cell phone, which she referred to throughout her talk to be sure she wasn't going over on time.

It would have been REALLY funny if I had handed her my (*gasp*) non-digital watch and she couldn't read it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Full transcript of Nathan's Bedtime Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank Thee for this day.
Thank Thee for myself.
In the name of Jesus Christ,

(I was chuckling for days!)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Comment

We were driving from CA to UT on Aug. 4th and had stopped at a gas station one of MANY times for the needs of Nathan's little bladder. As he and I walked hand in hand back to the van, he declared:

"Mom, I'm not actually a real scientist."

Me: Oh, really. How's that? (Extremely amused, as he's never made any comments about being any sort of scientist, real or not)

Nathan: I'm a fake scientist. Because fake scientists eat candy.

Yes, love. It all makes sense now. Perfect sense.

I love being a mom. All the hard times are worth it, just for the funny, random comments that come out of their minds and mouths.

(Well, and the precious cuddly or aha moments that come along once in awhile. And lots of other reasons, too, that I just can't think of right now.)

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Sometimes I feel frustrated at my trials.

Yet I keep learning that our trials are different. While my trial may to be to parent my children as an emotionally healthy mom, someone else's trial may be how desperately they want to become a mother.

I was frustrated to try for over a year before I got pregnant because it's never taken me that long to get pregnant before. My best friend didn't get pregnant until her 5th IUI (intra-uterine insemination) after already trying normally for well over 2 years, and a friend of mine in Houston tried for 11 years before she had a baby. This week we were grieved to learn that a cousin who did conceive successfully (her first baby), gave birth to a stillborn. Our trials are many and varied. Others among my friends and family members are also still trying to obtain that most precious gift of life.

My cousin, Vaughn, and his wife, Christie, are just one such couple who most tenderly want to adopt a baby. I'll post their letter below. I have bolded some of their sentences for more emphasis. And of course PLEASE contact them if you know of any birth moms who are considering giving a baby up for adoption (or have the birth mom contact them, or contact me if that's more comfortable).

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope this letter finds you well. As you may already know, we have felt spiritually inspired to begin the process to adopt an infant through LDS Family Services. We were recently approved as prospective adoptive parents and are so excited. We are now writing to seek your help as we move ahead in the adoption process.

Through the education classes we have attended, we have become much more informed about the adoption process. We have learned the agency typically does not select the adoptive parents. To the extent possible, that decision is left solely to the birth parent(s). Unfortunately, only 1 to 2 percent of unplanned pregnancies result in adoption. Because of this, there are many more families waiting to adopt than birth parents who decide to place their child through adoption. This means that there is no particular time frame in which an infant will be placed with us.

We have also learned about "designated" adoptions where a birth mother selects an adoptive couple before the birth mother visits an agency. Nearly 30% of birth mothers who come into LDS Family Services have already selected the adoptive couple before their first visit. This is not because the adoptive couple and birth mother knew each other, but most often because someone in the adoptive couple's network of family and friends (ward members, neighbors, co-workers, friends in the community, friend-of-a-friend, etc.) was somehow connected to the birth mother.

We have already had several spiritual experiences during the adoption process and have a strong testimony that our Heavenly Father is deeply involved in this important work. We know that the Spirit can work through you to help us match with the right birth mother.

If you become aware of a birth mother who is looking to place her child in a loving home, we would appreciate your help in recommending us to her.

If the birth mother or anyone would like more information, they may go to our online profile, which provides additional photos and information concerning our background, family, careers, hobbies, and interests.

Anyone can also contact us at (801) 663-6115 or Or contact our caseworker, Deborah Henrie, and LDS Family Services at (801) 979-9128.

We also ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We are so grateful to have so many loving and supportive family an friends. Thank you for all you do for us.

Vaughn and Christie

The trick...

The only way your child learns is by watching you, so parenting is really about evolving yourself. Doesn't matter if you tell them to be polite; they will be if you are. If you rush, they'll learn rushing is how you live.

The trick is to be the person I want her to be.

Helen Hunt