Thursday, August 7, 2008


Who thought being a Webelos den mother was such a hard calling? Oh, wait. Everyone does. It is a hard calling. I was actually comparing it to teaching early morning seminary, and have to admit that teaching seminary, though it required preparing a lesson each day, did not require trying to figure out tons of tiny little requirements that one scout or another is missing to pass off an activity badge. If I'm speaking greek to you, you haven't started scouts yet.

Ay ay ay! After three days of trying to fully update scout records amidst many interruptions, I finished at 3 am this morning, only 4 hours after I finally carved out some "me" time to finish prepping for August's awards.

Phew. I'm safe to leave on our trip to Utah now, after we have a joint den activity tomorrow morning at 9 am. Then pack meeting at the end of August, and then start a new month of den activities along with the start of school, and look forward to September's pack meeting!

*post script: I do love my scouts, and love what Jeffrey is learning through the scout program. It really is worth it. The top picture is of our wolves and bears at cub camp. I'm on the far left, Jeffrey has the red and white hat on. The bottom picture shows my webelos. I've gone down from 9 boys to 5 right now.

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