Monday, December 1, 2008

{Laissez-faire}* n. A term used... describe a policy of allowing events to take their own course with minimal intervention.

Jeffrey and Bryce were undeterred by my procrastination to put up the tree.

If you could bottle the enthusiasm and energy of my boys as they gathered, assembled, & decorated our christmas tree tonight, we would not need prozac.
I did not bring in a single box from the garage. They found them, brought them all in, opened them all (oh the glee in their countenances!), and set to work attaching all the branches, checking the light strands, and so on. My only contribution was turning on a Burl Ives christmas CD, which only heightened their enjoyment of the process.
We stopped them for the scriptures, song, and prayer part of FHE, and then let them continue their project.
The tree looks awful (in my humble, artistic opinion), but oh, the memories they made tonight! I love it. How I love my boys!

And the creme de la creme was the allegory Bryce announced with "aha" eyes: "Oh, mom! The star is at the very top, looking down on the tree. The star is God. And all the ornaments are God's children. He's watching over us!" He also decided on his own an hour earlier that he is going to take his Book of Mormon for book share on Wednesday.
Ahhhh, the warm fuzzy moments.

*I have no idea how to pronounce this.
I wish Karolyn were here and could tell me; Shelly can. I don't think it's coincidence, though, that it looks like the english word "lazy." I was SO lazy tonight.


Rebecca Mother of A Tribe said...

Isn't it great when you don't have to do everything yourself anymore?

And by the way, when is your spring break? I told the kids about going camping in the sequoias and they all jumped up and down for joy.

Nana (Lonna)and Grandpa (Max) said...

We have the most adorable, hilarious,industrious, thoughtful grandchildren in the world!!!!!

Shelly said...

pronunciation: less-a (like you say the letter a) fair.

They are also strong!! I don't think my kids could bring Christmas tree boxes upstairs (or in from the garage). They helped decorate, but lights?! Wow.


The Pope 1/2 Dozen said...

Isn't it great. I did the same thing this year, although my children are older. Every year I get the tree and decorations out with a lot of anticipation and excitement but quickly realize how much work and time it is going to take. I love it when the children take over. I love your pictures. They look so accomplished. Cute!

Kimbooly said...

It is wonderful that I don't have to do everything by myself anymore.

And WOW is right. I mean, some of those boxes were up above cupboards above a garage counter.

And the assembling of the tree itself is what amazed me. I didn't lift a finger. They figured out the pole, the base, all the right-length branches for the right spots on the tree, and they put it together.

Emily said...

I remember my mom saying that she used to let us kids put all the ornaments on- and they all ended up on the bottom half of the tree. So she and dad would fix it after we went to bed. What cute boys you have!

Sarah K. said...

Wow! Your boys did a great job. We have yet to put our Christmas decorations up. Maybe you could hire them out ;) I also have yet to unpack all of our bags from our trip. Sigh.

DFThompson said...

Ah the simple joy's of life. Your boys did a good job of it, and it sounds like you had fun watching them.

Teric said...

You really surprised me--between the time I left on that errand and then came back, the boys had put nearly everything on the tree. It only took what, 30 minutes?

Rorie Jones said...

If I am ever 'blessed' with having three boys, I hope I have 1/10th of your patience! What a fun memory though! I'm sure those boys appreciate having a mom who lets them participate in family fun :)

Janelle said...

I love it!!! And especially how that first picture goes so well with the title of your post.

They always surprise me when I let them. I am fighting my own selfish wants to do our gingerbread house just so, but I know it will be much better to just let them be creative!