Monday, September 7, 2009

Cold feet? After 12 years of marriage?!?

Last night my husband was lying in bed and turned to me, declaring solemnly:

"Kimberly, I've got cold feet.

And it's your fault."

He had fallen asleep in his Sunday clothes, and in an effort to help him out, I had pulled off his Sunday socks and thrown them in the laundry, but decided that was already too much work, so got ready for bed myself.

Then, without thinking, leaving his feet uncovered, I turned on a fan that blew frigid air RIGHT on his dainty little toesies.

No wonder he got "cold feet!"

But lucky for me, he got up, put on some socks, and was happy again, even with the fan blasting. (I even run fans in the winter when I'm pregnant)

Phew. "Happy Feet," and our marriage is safe. ; )

Too funny not to post!*

*And if you haven't noticed, I love feet. Notice how many pictures of feet I have put in one post.

1 comment:

Brig said...

He needs Mickey Mouse slipper socks!