Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Preggo Pics


My mom has been asking for preggo pics.

So, here they are. This was cute, as both Bryce and Nathan came to cuddle up after dinner, and both fell soundly asleep on me.

I think this one was after church. I'm trying to remember to have Rob snap pics here and there so posterity can see how fat I get when I'm pregnant. And FYI, pregnancy clothes that fit me during previous pregnancies are already too small! And I have 2 more months to go!

This pic is also taken on a Sunday ('cuz I actually straighten my hair and wear makeup most Sundays) to show off my new crib bedding for baby #4. I'm in love with this adorable bedding! And look at that precious mobile!

I think this was the weekend of Time Out For Women, which I LOVED!

Do you like my costume? Original, right? (I dressed up as Barefoot and pregnant, of course)

Tami and me at Super Saturday last weekend, in front of the "Sweet Shop" sweets table, so this is the most updated pic. Boy, I'm big. Tami looks gorgeous, though.
And how could I post preggo pics w/out a notable mention going out to Nathan, who one night decided *he* would play pregnant, and fell asleep that way?


Jen said...


Shelly said...

You look great! I love the red shirt, actually I love all the clothes.

I heard you grow past your maternity clothes on your third pregnancy (I couldn't test that fairly), but that's great you made it to your fourth.

Your hair looks great too! Not taking any pictures of my hair right now, still recovering from the botched up straightening last December and I need to color it.

Kevin said...

I love the picture of you in the green shirt. That's your color.

Kimbooly said...

Kevin, I LOVE that shirt! It's the color, it's great. It's not even maternity, and I still bought it.

Shelly, the red shirt I got this pregnancy, but it's getting smaller!

The clothes I've grown out of aren't in any of these pictures, although the olive green jumper/dress I haven't worn again since that day, I think it's too tight now.

But the green shirt? I bought it in a large, too (I'm wearing the medium in the pic). That's how much I love that color of green!

K-Krew said...

Very cute preggo pics :)
Love that last one of Nathan!