Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Card Giveaway*


I may or may not have spent the wee hours of the morning browsing all the Christmas greeting cards on Shutterfly.

But I couldn't help it.  There are so many beautiful cards that I was happily imagining my family in all those layouts.  Of course, in my lovely daydreams, my children were frolicking about, WANTING to be part of the picture-taking process.

I mean, look at this angelic little girl.  Surely she gave her parents no grief as she skipped along looking impish.

And aren't these girls so close?  All wrapped up in a warm red blanket, glad to share their air and space with each other (and such lovely girls, too).

But this is my favorite one of all.  Especially with the little sister kissing her brother, and in another photo looking up so innocently at the camera.  Interesting that this is also my favorite card layout.  I love the colors, the fonts, the layout, and the styling of the big family letter. 

Maybe I'll just have to go round up my kids and trick them into taking some family pictures.  Wish me luck!  Once I've herded the kids to a nice photo op spot, and get their adorable faces into print, I can insert the pictures into my fave holiday design, which is the "With Love Blue Christmas" card.  I'll use both color and black-and-white photos. I don't think sepia tone would turn out right; it would wash out the card. And matte prints is a must. ALWAYS matte print. Don't believe me, ask my dad. : ) (the photographer)

Well, I guess you can't use matte print if you put the pics on mugs.  But you can on pretty much everything else, like on the cards and calendars.  I hope.

*To get 50 free prints, post a shout-out to Shutterfly via your blog after signing up here.  (And yes, I have most shamelessly used my blog to promote a website to get free stuff.)    : )


Janene said...

Now realize that I look at that picture of your boys on the side of your blog, and think of how well behaved and smiley they were for that photo shoot.

Personally, I think you should use your Halloween pictures for a Christmas Card. :)

Kimbooly said...

Thank you, Janene. I really appreciate you noticing. Don't look too closely at Nathan; he had a fever of 102 that day and kept crying, but it was the only day in Utah I could do the pics (and Carter completely blew out his outfit which set us back a couple of hours as well). I bribed them a lot and took a lot of snapshots inbetween them complaining, being upset, etc. I was super positive with Nathan especially, and didn't think I got a single good shot of all of them together, so it was exciting that I had one picture that turned out beautifully of all of them.

I didn't like the way Nathan kept arching inward, and kept trying to get him to sit up more, but he was on the verge of tears, and it turned out to be just right anyway; his arching inward makes the heights of the three older boys across perfect.

Now look to the side at the family pic--that's the last time we got a good family pic, can you believe it? I think Jeffrey was maybe 7 or 8!

Anyway, thanks for your comments. I didn't even know people still read my blog! And I thought of doing the Halloween pics as a Christmas card, but no one would see our faces. : )