Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long Lost Hello

Well, I've meant to write about a myriad of things in my life, but clearly, I haven't. 

I've also meant to give you pics of Carter, one per month, so you can see his growth since he was a baby.  Again, zilch.

In many ways facebook is the new blogger, because it's even *more* ADD than the random posts I can put here, and it handles pictures 100% more easily than the new blogspot format.  But still, there are reasons I really like blogging (when I actually do it!).  Like taking longer than a quick soundbite to muse over the things of life.

Anyhoo, as many of you know, Rob was laid off recently.  We haven't been the first among family and friends to lose our job within the last couple of years, and we won't be the last.  It's a tough economy.  But, we do LOVE having Rob at home.  Still, he's working tirelessly to find a new job; he has over 6 interviews under his belt, 2 callbacks for 2nd interviews, and a couple more interviews in the works.

I have picked up a job as a campus supervisor sub at my kids' elementary school, which basically means I get to monitor (read: babysit) 900 kids during recesses and lunch.  Well, not 900 all at once.  They're broken up into groups of around 200-300 at a time.  I love it. 

Rob pointed out today that I've always been a people-watcher (and I readily agree that I am both that and a people person).  I love to observe how people interact with each other and their environment.  And I love the kids.  It's put some zest back into me that reminded me why I majored in Elementary Education, and why I felt so strongly that my role in life, besides mother, is teacher (clearly, they're not mutually exclusive).  I really thrive in this school environment, and how fun that I get paid for it, too!

Carter took his first steps a couple of days ago, to all our delight.  We practice with him a lot, but any time we get a step out of him, it's very tentative.  If we *do* get one step out of him, he won't do any more after that.  His first word was "Uh-oh."  His second word was "Wow."  Which is so adorable when he sees balloons--he goes NUTS over seeing balloons!  His third word (according to Rob; I haven't heard him say it yet) is "Bah" for 'ball.'

So that's a bit of an update for us.  Maybe the next update will actually include all those pictures of Carter!  (I don't know, maybe you better not push your luck)  ; )


Shelly said...

Hi! Glad to hear about all of the interviews.

Yes we need pictures of Carter!! And when is he going to say Mama?

Stacy said...

It's fun to hear about your life. Wow, Rob is one popular fellow! Jake has a second interview with a company in Phoenix. Aaah! I don't know what to think. A job came up in Houston that he applied for and he is really interested in it (and very qualified), but we haven't heard anything yet.
Elsie is a slow talker. She said her first word, baby, at about 9 months, then didn't say anything else for a few months. Now she says uh-oh, ow, up, and she calls me da-da. And she signs milk, more, and eat.