Saturday, May 12, 2012

Surprise Chores

Not scratch and sniff.

But definitely scratch.

Took the idea from Stacy's pin.  The instructions are here.  It's a "surprise" chore chart with homemade "scratch-it-off" paint.  I only used 1/2 tsp metallic acrylic paint & 1/4 tsp dish soap, but I could see through the paint, so I also added one drop of black paint, which made it dark enough that it wasn't see-through.  However, they are hard to scratch off, so next time I'm going to cover the card stock with a piece of clear contact paper first (I read in the notes that they're easier to scratch off this way). 

It went well.  I gave a point system to the chores depending on the difficulty.  Right now the boys get "points" (which are really check marks on a simple excel sheet I made up) towards a prize of their choice.  They usually get the points for how cheerful they are when asked to obey.  These chores, when checked off, also add points to their chart.

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The boys were more excited to scratch off the chores and start them than they were to finish them, but it was still really good, and it meant a lot to them to get their points in the end.  I picked items that they could usually do anytime, rather than things that NEED to be done as normal chores, like dishes and laundry.

Here was my particular list of chores:
cleaning light switches 1 pt
wiping off doorknobs 1 pt
wiping off the front of the fridge 1 pt
wiping off oven, microwave & dishwasher. 2 pts
wiping down shelves in fridge 5 pts (or 1 for 1 pt)
wiping down baseboards in one room 1 pt  (make at least 4 of these)
sweeping bathroom floors and hall 2 pts
sweeping outside the back door (lift mats and toys and stuff) 2 pts
scrubbing and wiping down outside slides and two tables 2 pts
windexing front glass door, inside and out 1 pt
dusting one room; pictures, desks, bookshelves; anything that can get dusty 2 pt
cleaning up legos 3 pts
shred newspaper 1 pt (for our compost pile in the backyard)
cleaning and wiping down boys’ toilet 3 pts
sweeping computer room and kitchen 2 pts
sweeping dining room and front entryway 2 pts
take out recycle garbage 1 pt
organizing toys in Carter’s room 4 pts
wipe down baseboards in one room
finding shoes in house and putting them where they 3 pts

I am definitely going to do this again, with the added suggestion of putting clear contact paper over the card stock after I've written down the jobs.

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That is so cute I love this idea..