Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rolly boys

Another memorable FHE (Family Home Evening):

This was what Bryce and Nathan were doing while Rob was teaching about "Developing Compassion."

This cracks me up.

Oh, and, at least they're not fighting. See, that fits with developing compassion, dontcha think?


TJ said...

typical fhe for us too. lol

Katie said...

But I like to lurk!!!!!!

Cute family!

Shelly said...

Nicole wouldn't sit still for our FHE either. We finally sent her to bed at 7:15 and hoped it was the flu shot.

At least this is cute!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Ack. Left a super witty and insightful comment, and blogger is "busy." Down with blogger!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Fine, seems to be working now.

I was going to say (w/o the wit and insight), that Not Fighting = a whole host of gospel principles: 1)don't kill Abel, 2) honor thy father and mother, 3) avoid contention, 4) the golden rule, 5) love thy neighbor, 6) render unto Caesar -- oh, maybe not that one.

We send the kids to the other room when we're ready for the real part of FHE. (After they get their serious doctrine from Snowman and Popcorn, of course).

Kimbooly said...

Jane, I love it. That's definitely the spirit of the law. I do this with my webelos scouts. If we're doing xyz, clearly it can also count for requirements abc. I love killing 10 birds with one stone.... well, you get the picture.

When our kids were younger we often had a separate FHE for ourselves, the "real" one. Now they're old enough that we're trying desperately to shove principles down their throats hoping to convince them to be nicer, less whiny, less contentious w/ each other, etc.

Yeah, it didn't work for me either* growing up. I was still a big bully of an older sister, petty and prideful.

*Actually that's not entirely true. Those lessons that didn't sink in when I was younger became part of me as I matured. I really do love FHE, and love the rare moments where you see my boys "get it." That's all we're looking for, not amazing FHEs every week.