Saturday, October 11, 2008

Magic! Getting out grease stains.

It's magic, and I love it. I read a household tip from a dear friend's blog, and tried it, and IT WORKS!! It works worthy of all caps and two exclamation points!

And the kicker? It works even IF the stain is set (meaning you've already washed and dried the clothing before). Magic, I tell you. Just remember to rub the grease stains well with dish soap first, then soak it in some distilled water for a day, then wash. (First I only used distilled water and missed step 2, the dish soap, to no avail)

Three ruined favorite shirts and one jacket are now no longer ruined. I'm telling you, this is life-changing laundry advice for a mom with three little boys. ; ) Thanks Rebecca. Who knew!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Being anti-stain myself, I'm definately going to try it :) Thanks for passing along the tip.