Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life is meant to be shared.

Ok, ok, if you're not going to comment on my deep, 'thinker' sayings, tell me what you think about the "random stranger togetherness" demonstrated in this AWESOME commercial.*

Maybe part of it is both the dancer and people-person in me, but something rose up inside of me as I watched this, and my smile just kept spreading, reaching out way past my face, into my heart (I know, cheesy). First amused, but then I could feel the happiness inside. This cute video really brightened my day.

Gee I love free happiness.**

*Don't let the word 'commercial' deter you from clicking on the link. The only time it resembles a real commercial is in the last 2 seconds where TMobil tries to infer with the words "Life is for Sharing" that if you buy their cell phone you will now have the market on sharing life in a meaningful way.

**Want more free happiness? As long as you headed over to Natasha's site "Becoming Something," add to your smile with this post. My FAVORITE is the newspaper clipping that recites how a cop called out "Marco," trying to inject humor into a police chase, and the suspect called out "Polo"!!!! Bwaaaahaaaahaaaaaa! Anyway, I may or may not start stalking Natasha's blog and spend hours readiner her archives....


roc of the desert said...

This reminds me of when improv everywhere staged a random musical number in the food court of a mall.

Check it out.

Stacy said...

This is a great dancing video, too, if you don't mind the title.

Kimbooly said...

Thanks for these other videos, too, but I have to say that my absolute favorite is the one I posted specifically because of the spontaneous stranger togetherness.

At first people stared, but as each new type of music came on (all that have pretty well known dance moves), more and more complete strangers joined in the dancing and some really got into it.

You can see the progression; toward the end of the video, the entire floor has joined in dancing.

Oh the thrill to have been there! Even though it was silly, I would have felt like I was *part* of something, something united, all these people I don't know joining together for a moment of their separate lives.

It was really refreshing to watch. : ) I would love to go down to LAX and take this music, have 20 plants, some that start dancing on even the 2nd or 4th type of music, and see what happens. It would just be so fun for everyone's day, something a little different.

Nana (Lonna)and Grandpa (Max) said...

Not to be a party poop, but I don't see stranger spontaneous togetherness, I see a very well-choreographed commercial. Sorry. But it was fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet linkage and comments.

I do have people who start at the beginning and read all my archives. Honestly, I think some of my best posts were in the beginning when I was more focused. Anyway, thanks for saying that. It's very flattering.

I'm trying to find the comment I left you because I don't remember what I said!

Kimbooly said...

Mom, what I see is that there are a few 'plants' out in the area who start dancing to this music, and each time the music shifts, they change their dance to fit that song.

What is so cool to me, the thing that made my day, is how contagious it is. Quickly, from song to song, you see more complete strangers joining in along with the original 'planted' performers.

Everyone stopped whatever else they were doing and just joined in the merriment for a few moments.

By the end of the song, you've got the entire floor covered with dancing strangers. It appeared that less than 20 of them were the original dancers, so the feeling caught on and spread like wildfire--I love the guy who's singing the monster mash, the old grandma lady dancing, and the guy with the huge fro' who decides, "What the hey, I'll join in!"

It's still making me smile now. But it's still totally fine if you only see an orchestrated commercial out of it.

I actually wondered if someone posted this video on youtube as some sort of social experiment, and then TMobil got permission to use the video in the form of a commercial, as the video quality is very amateur. You can tell in the last 2 seconds that it becomes professional when TMobil flashes their name and phrase across the screen. But it looks like it was separate from the video.

And Natasha, you commented on at least a couple of my posts; I'm assuming you blog-hopped from Jane @ What About Mom. : ) Nice to meet you. : )