Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Old Favorite of Mine--Pachelbel Bedtime

If you by chance haven't seen this before, I think it's a fun video, and near the end are a couple different spots where dad is able to feel how much he loves his little girls inbetween all the reality of whiny kids, and the end is precious.

My kids have actually not been too whiny in the last day or two (I mean, relatively, of course they've had lots of moments). In fact, they've been in "creative" mode. Within the last 24 hours they:

1) Completely dressed up like cowboys with hats, shirts, belts, boots, and their hobby horses that Nana made them (mind you, we only have cheap cowboy hats--the rest of their costumes they made up with regular stuff they own). Spent a couple hours imagining themselves in the wild west.

2) Created a first aid kit for Nathan, "just in case," and decided they need first aid kits in their backpacks for school. Even squeezed 1/2 tsp antibacterial ointment in an itty bitty tupperware container to go with their little first aid kit.

3) When I asked them at dinnertime to use my orange peeler to peel oranges, they turned it into a masterpiece of 'orange' jackolanterns. Instead of quickly completing the task, they used the peeler to cut out shapes and designs from the orange peel part of the orange, much like you might see in the book "How are You Peeling?", only some of my kids' designs were abstract.

Too bad Rob's got our camera, or I would have posted pics of their creative ventures.


Stacy said...

That's really sweet. I like the disaster of a house in the background. :)

Sarah K. said...

very timely post for our family. Lucy was up at 9 and 1 and 3 and...So needless to say today is a whiny, crying, screaming, tantrum-y day. At least the kids stopped for a minute to listen to the video. Thanks for sharing, it made me laugh which is what I needed after last night :)

Kimbooly said...

Stacy, I completely agree with you! And I loved how the mom was trying so hard to get her little girl to stay out of the picture while the dad played the song.

And Sarah, I'm so sorry! It really can be like this song sometimes, can't it?

Haaaaaahaaaahaaaa that they stopped to watch the video!!! *chuckle*

Isn't it nice to have validation that we're not the *only* ones dealing with all the whiny, cry-ee, messy children, and that we love them all anyway? (It makes me think of the book "Marley and Me")