Thursday, March 5, 2009

Double Date (Translation: two dates in a row! Unheard of for us!)

Rob and I rarely go on "real" dates.*

We went on one for Valentine's Day 2008, only because Sarah and Brent were visiting us and thought up the idea, so we did a very fun double date at my good friend Lauri's house while Lauri's girls watched both ours and the Aarons' children.

The next date was our 11 year anniversary, where Rob took me to Red Robin and a movie on May 9th, 2008.

The following was our conversation while ordering dinner--

Rob: I've been wanting to bring you here, since our work sometimes goes out to Red Robin for lunch. Their food is so good.
Me: (While looking at the menu) What?!? $10 for a hamburger?? Holy cow. Ok, ok, how about we share a burger?
Rob: (Assuring me this several times during the ordering process) It's our anniversary. It's ok. Don't think about the money (He was probably thinking 'Helllo, we're at Red Robin, dear, not Outback'). We are each ordering our own thing tonight. And a drink, too.
Me: No way. Water for me please.
Rob: (laughing) Kimberly. It's. O.K. This is our anniversary! (Orders a rootbeer, his favorite)
Me: Yeah, but you know who you married. I don't like to spend money on certain things, and eating out isn't one of them.
Rob: Fair enough.
Me: Ok, you order this one, and I'll order that one, the safer choice (I'm SO picky). Then, if I don't like yours, it's all good, and if I don't like mine, we can switch. Deal?
(And yes, his pineapple chicken burger was MUCH better than whatever I chose. Mmm, mmm good. And yes, of course we went to the dollar theater. I'm me, after all.)
Ok, back to today's title--Double date.

At christmas we were given gift certificates from Super Villain Studios for bowling at a posh singles-type bowling center, Lucky Strike, in Orange. So, from May 9th '08, to Feb '09, no dates. The certificates expired end of February, and we used them once as a family to bowl in January, but decided to use the remaining balance for a date. I even got a babysitter three weeks ahead of time.

Just before we left on the date Friday, Feb. 20th, I double-checked the cards, only to see they weren't good on weekends! Aaargh! And me, dressed up so nice. So, we decided to go on a date anyway. We dropped the kids off at Annie's, decided on a place to eat (after driving up to two diff. places because I'm so picky and not good with instant decisions), and took our food home to eat while watching a Netflix movie. It was nice, even though I was pretty bummed about the change from our original plans.

Now comes the double part. Three days later, we went on ANOTHER date! Two dates, almost back to back. Sweet Tami watched the kids for us, and we went to Lucky Strike on Monday night for a couple FHE.** It was like being young again! SO fun! And the bowling center was so upscale, I was sort of joking, "Oooh, lah-dee-dah, look at us!"

Even the food was like these upscale appetizers. I love orange creamsicles, so sharing an orange soda float was also quite the treat. We had a ball. We played three games and still had time to go browse Borders afterwards, a favorite passtime of ours in our 'early' years. (snicker)

*We do love going to the temple, and usually count that as a date. We also love to have "dates" with our children, and one of our fondest anniversary memories was taking Jeffrey and Bryce to a Houston park and just being together as a family, and carving that time out just for us.

**Family Home Evening


Katie said...

Awww, young love! How sweet! You guys look so great together.

Stacy said...

I can't believe you rarely date! How do you survive?
I love the colors of your blog. So cute!

Kristy Lynne said...

Go Rob! Convince your wife she is special and wonderful. Kimberly forgets how great she is and what she accomplishes on a daily basis with her energetic family.

Take her out more. I's like to see more pictures of your fun dates!

Kimbooly said...

We just don't go out on typical dates. I'm such a home-body. I like to sit and do something in the house together while the kids are already in bed. It takes SO much less effort.

Nana (Lonna)and Grandpa (Max) said...

I love the orange soda pic. Are you sure you "shared" the soda?? I could never do that--Dad either. We love to have our own sodas, extra, extra large. Dating as a couple is vital to your relationship. But snuggling together while watching a DVD is considered a super date in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are a great looking couple.

Teric said...

I love you too, sweetheart. This was a lot of fun to do--we really should get out on dates more often. But yes, we are both home-bodies; we don't like to get out much anyway.

Maybe we should just discipline ourselves to go out regularly even though sometimes we'd rather just stay home. ;P