Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chistmas Gushy-ness

I know that right now many blogs are filled with sincere posts about the magic and joy of Christmas, but when you've probably already read several of them, you may just want to skip all the sentiment and go right to the pictures (even if you think your kids' pics are cuter).

--My kids' pics are cuter, though. It's just the truth.-- ; )

So, I'll just mention I feel Christmas mush and gush.
Ok, and an extra comment about how much I love looking at the tree.

And then you can move on to the pictures:

Our Christmas Eve candlelight dinner with china. Delish.

Our re-enactment of the navity; we traded parts a lot. Rob started as Joseph because Bryce wanted to be the donkey (see him hiding under that hobby horse?). Nathan stayed the part of Mary for the entire little program. Look at his cute pregnant tummy while he sits on Bryce.

Bryce has now switched to the part of Joseph so Daddy could be a shephard. See how sweetly he looks at the baby Jesus (a stuffed teddy bear this year).

I play the angel.
Pretty fat angel.

Jeffrey stayed the part of the narrator for the entire performance, and did a nice job.

Ok, now I'm trying to act 'kingly' for the part of one of the three kings/wise men that came to worship baby Jesus.
Very portly wise 'man.'
Dad took a picture of us next to the makeshift stable that Bryce made out of chairs.

And then Jeffrey took a picture of us so dad could also be included.

Isn't Jeffrey handsome with his new glasses, by the way? He seems to be able to see so much better, too.

Christmas carols; Bryce played some songs on the piano, then Jeffrey. We sang maybe 6 songs and were all wiped out and ready for bed, even the kids.
Do you notice the matching jammies Nana made for everyone? We opened them on Christmas Eve, after the nativity and before the caroling, and put them on right away.

Aaaah, the christmas tree. The picture doesn't do it any justice.

Santa's plate of cookies.
He must have liked them. They were gone by morning, and the food the boys left out for Santa's reindeer was also pretty much gone (oatmeal sprinkled in the backyard).

Christmas morning, waiting at the top of the stairs to come check out their loot.

Bryce and Nathan looked so cute opening their stockings together, almost back to back.

Which inspired me to take pics of all three of them in front of the christmas tree. Such handsome boys.
We also tried taking a family picture, but the sun was in our eyes, not to mention the boys were MUCH more interested in playing with their new Christmas toys.


Ana Wilson said...

I love your matching pijamas! and Kim you are a gorgeous Angel! love you guys and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Stacy said...

It looks like you had a fun Christmas! We did the nativity with puppets this year because we didn't have the baby Jesus we were planning on.

Kimbooly said...

Thank you, thank you Ana! You can be my favorite person for today, just for saying I look like a gorgeous angel, not a fat, bloated angel!

And my mommy made all the matching pijamas as our christmas present. Very special for all of us.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful, too--so nice to have Dave with you!!!

Kimbooly said...

Oh, and Stacy, I keep thinking about you today--how in the world are you handling going a week overdue already? I think I'd be going crazy!

I think a nativity w/ puppets would be fun. Ours is always very random. Bryce chose a teddy bear to be our baby Jesus this year. It's touching to me because my kids come up with the costumes and so forth, not some scripted thing I try to do.

wendyincali said...

Hey Kim- I've never seen your blog before, but it's adorable!!! I LOVED it! That picture of your boys under the Christmas tree is awesome. And your Christmas re-enactment looked amazing...hopefully we can get tickets for next years showing!!!

Rebecca J. Carlson said...

So fun to see the pics, but not as good as a visit! Ack! Sorry it didn't work out for us to come.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year's!

Anonymous said...