Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hey hey hey! Hellooooooooo, Yeti Town!

I'm back from the dead long enough to rewrite a facebook post here!  (Facebook is so much faster for quick, random comments, and sooooooo much easier to upload, edit, organize, and post pics--especially because on fb I don't have to resize the pics down to smaller files)

I'm so excited about the first game, Yeti Town, that Rob's new company has put out since he's been hired.  (I think.  I know it's the first one they've put out that Rob has worked on.)

And just so you know, my high score is over 590,000, and was the 3rd top score 3 weekends ago.

Um, don't ask how many hours I played it.  (Rob's very first score was about 50,000)

I've played it enough to know that the image posted above was from a very, VERY well-played game, without even looking over to see the high score that's over 700,000.

Woot, woot!  Woot, Rob!  And woot, Escalation Studios!  If you download the game and play it on your ipad, ipod, or iphone, please be sure to rate it!  They cranked this game out in only one month, which is GREAT.  And did I mention, it's FREE?

Next up, Rob gets to prep the game for the Android platform.  : )

Btw, the game is like chess in that you have to think so far ahead, but you also have to be extremely strategic with the very random choices you are given (vs. an opponent's strategic chess moves).  Then, you have to increase the flexibility in your strategy when yetis start showing up and move around randomly right in spots where you want to place saplings, trees, tents, etc.  And worst of all are those dreaded walruses!  I have had more than 7 walruses on the board at once, and it's not pretty! 

The game also reminds me vaguely of Settlers of Catan, but only in that you're building a town, just like in Settlers you're building up to metropoles, and you have to be thinking ahead even when you make your very first move--strategy is everything, even from the beginning.  At least you don't have to build roads or grow/mine resources in Yeti Town.  ; ) (Though I also love doing that in Catan & the expansion, Cities & Knights)

And I thought Rob was the gamer.  But when it comes to board and many card games, I am definitely a gamer.  (Ok, and depending on the video/computer/smart phone game, I can also get addicted, as long as they aren't completely strategy games)

So if you have anything "I," go download Yeti Town, and be sure to rate it, ESPECIALLY if you like it!

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pickzell said...

Enjoying the heck out of Yeti Town on my iPhone. Kudos and Happy Holidays!