Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lazy Bum

I really am such a lazy bum, which my sister just blatantly name-called me on fb.

Because I linked to her blog.

Where she typed up a beautiful Christmas recap, even WITH pictures!

Since we visited her in Kentucky for said Christmas, I sure love her doing all the legwork for me.  To see our trip so far, just go

here, "Christmas morning craziness"
here, "Presents, presents, presents"
here, "Christmas evening"
here, "Fun was had by all"
here, "New Playground"
updated 1/11/12:  another one, "Thursday" &
updated 1/12/12:  and another one! "Don't Leave" -- this one includes a picture of the van we totaled on the way to Katie's house, and the sweet rental we've been driving ever since [Thank you, Geico!].

Boy, that was easy.  The question is, are YOU too lazy to click on the links?*

*Don't worry, if you are, you're no more lazy than me.  But if you are, just realize that if you click on the first link, "Christmas morning craziness," you can scroll through all the pics of each post in under a minute.


Shelly said...

Ha, Janene's a lazy bum too then because she's referred to my blog for activities we've done together.

Tell Katie there's no way to add to perfection!

And from her description of all you did over the holiday, lazy is NOT the right word.

Kimbooly said...

You're right, Shelly--there's no way to add to perfection. : )

Awww. It was a very good holiday, barring totalling our van.