Sunday, September 28, 2008


You know you've transferred to a blogger mindset when you think throughout the day, "Ooh, I've got to take a pic of that to post," or "I could write a clever post about this" (ok, ok, maybe not so clever, just humor me, de-lurk, and keep telling me they're clever). ; )

On several different occasions I've meant to blog about this or that this past few weeks. But, school is in full swing, as is scouts, so I haven't gotten to it. I really hope blogging doesn't become something I feel like is just another thing I can't seem to get to. I want it to be something that refreshes me. For now, the following should have been several individual posts.

So. Funny comment. First I'm pleased that Nathan is pulling out scripture stories in sacrament meeting. Then I hear him, whispering quite loudly: "Mom, where's the blood? I want to find the one with all the blood, mom!" as he was looking through the old testament scripture stories, trying to find one of the ten plagues when Pharoah of Egypt tried to have a showdown against God. It took Rob and I a bit to figure out what he meant by wanting to see the blood, and then we quickly found him the part where all the water in Egypt turned to blood, to quiet him up.

Jeffrey on Friday: "What? It's already Friday? The week goes by so fast!"
Me: Depressed that he's already starting to feel that at only nine years old. I don't think I started saying that until high school. Come on, Jeffrey, just enjoy being a kid!

FHE three days before school started:

I think the picture says it all. And you think your Family Home Evenings go badly sometimes? We thought this was pretty funny. Every year before school starts, Rob gives each person a blessing, a special tradition in both Rob's and my family. Since we convinced the boys not to wiggle and be rowdy during the blessings, after each boy got his blessing, he went over to the couch and sat quietly for the next boy's blessing, and promptly fell asleep. First Nathan, then Bryce, and then while Rob gave me a blessing, Jeffrey. What does this tell me? Reverence = Sleep. At least for now. ; )

Polka-dotted FHE:

On a Sunday before another FHE night, Bryce decides he really wants to make cookies with dad, a favorite past-time of theirs. Bryce insists on chocolate chip cookies though Rob can't find any chocolate chips. I'm amused at their non-chippy cookies, but it's just not the same w/out the chips.

Monday evening, while we are playing dominoes as a family, I slip over to the kitchen, find a bag of choc. chippers (I'm so sneaky, heh heh, only I knew where they were), stick a whole bunch of them into the already-cooked cookies, and place them in the oven on 200 degrees to warm them up.

Dominoes + chocolate chip cookies = Polka dotted FHE.

And lastly, gripe of the week: Why does it have to be such a fight to be a parent? You spend enormous amounts of energy convincing your children of expectations that need to be met. It's so frustrating. And sometimes it's things I think they would want to do, and they put up this big fight. Once I make them do something, and they realize it's going to happen, they finally do it, but by then I'm worn out and want to just bite all their heads off. It's with morning routines, evening routines, jobs, running errands, walking to school, doing homework, getting out the door for anything, playing outside sometimes, etc etc. They resist with such consistency, it really wears a body down! They whine, pout, grump, drag their feet, and then half-way through they get into what they're doing, and the thing is finally bearable. In fact, a lot of times, it ends up being fun and gets done quickly. So why all the drama to get to that point?


Stacy said...

I think once you start blogging, you have those thoughts, "That would be great to blog about!" Jake's friends at work were joking that they knew people that would leave an activity early because they couldn't wait to blog about it.

Kimbooly said...

Oh, they've got it bad. That's pretty funny.

Tesana said...

So why all the drama to get to that point?

I have no idea. I have noticed that the effort often pays off. Every once in a while I'll notice that they just do something I used to bang my head over. (Though regressions also seem frequent.)

I guess it gets down to the "through great sacrifices come the great blessings."

But it's so hard!!! *whine*

Anonymous said...

I totally can relate with your grip. My son had a major melt down on Monday BEFORE school started. It was so draining to actually get him to school. I admit, I was so ANGRY at him but I had a prompting to go back and hug him, telling him I loved him. So I did. And I felt so much better.

Jen said...

Love the picture where all of your boys are sleeping!!! too funny.

I have the same grip, a lot! I think its built into them personally, If we were never challenged then we wouldnt be able to know they are learning for there own and not just doing what they think they have too.

I need to tell myself this more when I am fed up to you know where with all the stuff Mason pulls. lol.