Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As a society we are running around, busy as bees. Religious persons often really speak of their busyness (I'm guilty as charged) because we're afraid of being idle when scriptures point to idleness as sinful, or at least as wasting our earthly probation. We seek to be anxiously engaged in good causes, but sometimes we miss the point (guilty as charged, again).

I happened to look up the definition today:

1. the quality or condition of being busy.
2. lively but meaningless activity.

Did you catch that? Definition #2? Astounding, isn't it. How often do I run around lively involved in meaningless activity? Yes, a lot of my activites are quite meaningful, but I'll sure think twice before I promote how "busy" I often feel (while in my mind specifically not mentioning the hours I waste in trying to wind down from said busy activities).

But here's the thing. Sometimes we NEED to waste time. I don't mean reading or relaxing leisurely activities that refresh and renew, I mean letting the brain just veg on autopilot with any number of sundry mind-numbing activities or lack thereof.

So why are we afraid (ok, why am *I* afraid) to admit to having lost a whole day to reading the archives of someone's blog, or catching up on an entire season of a tv drama in one sitting?


Stacy said...

I think the problem is, like you've said to be, moderation in all things. When you realize it's been all day of mindless entertainment, that's depressing.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Sometimes we have to waste time. My guilty pleasure is watching a couple TV shows that I know are totally not that educational but I don't care. Or reading a book that I don't have to review. Or even taking a short half of an hour night while son is in school.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I might nap!

Tesana said...

Maybe because we're so easily sucked into absolutes. Because I spent all day reading, or watching TV/movies (or playing video games ^_-), I am completely devalued as a person. I'm only as good as what my last thought, act or word was. I have this problem anyway.

(And if my last thought was good or wonderful, that doesn't make me wonderful, just mediocre.)

I have this tendancy to create this idea of what I want to be, which quickly morphs into what I "ought" to be, from a collection of other people's admirable traits. Not one person, but several or dozens of people. Becoming perfect does not require being a perfectionist. ;) (Haven't talked myself into this one yet.)

My thought for myself today was: it's not about what you do, but how you live. I could do every thing "right" and be really hard to get along with. I would rather leave happy memories behind rather than clean, organized ones.

Shelly said...

Okay but what is the reason you are so busy? It's a balance between running a home, raising children, helping the community and serving at church right? And what's the big delay? Kids. I mean if they listened and did what you asked the first time, how much less busy would you be? At least you know who to blame.

All I can say is that when I lay down and rest right now, it's good to have an excuse. And I'm really glad that both my kids are asleep so I can read blogs and watch CSI:NY and keep my feet up at the same time!

Alamodey said...

Lately, I've been feeling the same thing I look at the end of the day and I say, "I did so much, but accomplished so little."

Otherdays, i look at the computer clock and realize I've been browsing blogs for two hours and it's almost two and I'm in my pajamas.

Janelle said...

Hi Kimberly,
I can definitely appreciate that, my body NEEDS that down time!!
We miss you guys badly! And you guys missed the hurricane of a lifetime... We survived with only one small loss, no power for 2 weeks. lots of love.

Stephanie said...

i just wanted you to know that i secretly sort of love you.

in the good, normal way, not the bad way.

Kimbooly said...

It's blog love. Since I'm already in love with you (in the same sort of good way), it sounds like a match. I enjoyed your last two new posts (including the one you posted within the last 10 minutes, I happen to be that bad of a blogstalker).

You just made my day, thank you! And slow down on the sweets/msg/add hyperness. I guess. Or try not to be around people when you indulge. I may or may not have had ice cream myself today.... : )