Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 11th

On Thursday Jeffrey's elementary school honored all those who fell on September 11, 2001. The scouts stood together while a color guard raised the flag halfway. Then everyone sang the star spangled banner.

I thought it was a neat morning, and enjoyed the patriotism that was displayed by scouts, students, teachers, and parents. We had 120 scouts participate. Pretty amazing.


TJ said...

I think that is awesome they are teaching the kids about it.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. At Thorman Elementary, my former school, we also did something first thing in the morning to remember 9/11. But I don't think anyone did anything at my son's school which I think is sad. I think it's because of the over 1300 kids that attend but still I think they could have done a little something? Or maybe they did and my son doesn't remember.

Kimbooly said...

And FRE has a LOT of scouts, I think, over a hundred (as does PHE). I'm thinking that maybe next year their school scout program will have a flag ceremony like ours did this year (they didn't have something this year, you're right). The main scout guy that thought up the idea a few years ago says more schools join in the effort every single year, the more the word gets out.