Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Money Can Buy Happiness

Recipe for happiness:

$10 for two pumpkins
Scraping and carving tools
Good friends

Mix well and have fun!

I couldn't resist the above blog title. I was so tired Thursday evening after scouts, but had promised Tami we'd carve pumpkins with them. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and purchased two pumpkins (Jeffrey already won a small one at school for an art contest), and we set up in the garage.

I'm so glad we did, because the kids could not have had more fun. They love, love, loved carving pumpkins. In fact, when Tami and Kevin came over with pizza, the kids could hardly be bothered to stop designing their jack-o-lanterns and actually eat yummy junk food.

I had so much fun with my kids and our neighbors, and as I've already stated, my kids thrived on the evening. It was such a refreshing night. And having no school the next day was an added bonus.


Stephanie said...

money can TOTALLY buy happiness. lol.

hey just so you know, i think you're pretty classy too. thanks for all your comments.

Kimbooly said...

ooh, thank you, steph! Can I call you steph?

Janelle said...

love the pumpkins, and your previous halloween recital, that's SO cool! I came across that beautiful blanket you crocheted for Tyler the other day... so precious!