Thursday, November 27, 2008


I can't help it. It's thanksgiving. I am thankful for messy children and my messy house; it means we're living, engaged, plugged in. I can't say I'm thankful for all the fighting, but I'm thankful for the little moments that make me smile, chuckle, or roll my eyes.

Enter mushy-ness and cliches that I really mean:

Rob. What more can I say?

How did I get so lucky? There are not words to describe? He's my knight in shining armor? (See, I warned you about cliches) Don't think we don't fight. We do. A lot. Especially now that we've been married nearly 12 years, and boy do we get irritated with our spouse having the same annoying mannerisms they had 12 years ago that attracted us to them when we were dating.

But I often feel like Rob is one in a million. He treats me with dignity and respect. He doesn't put me down. He believes that sarcasm is destructive, and never uses against me vulnerable parts about myself.

When I spend the day crashing and watching online tv shows inbetween carpools, grocery runs, and telephone calls, and he comes home at 8 to find the kids have been grazing on apples, peanut butter, crackers, bagels, and carrots, he doesn't yell at me, or even passive-aggressively sigh,or make little comments out of the side of his mouth. He starts cleaning up their piles of messes, and then cooks a light dinner, maybe chicken salsa quesadillas and some frozen veggies warmed up. He keeps going even when he doesn't want to, even if I've given up for the time being.

He listens to me, he validates what is important, exciting, boring, or frustrating to me. He is FAR more selfless and pride-less than myself. In the bedroom he treats me like a queen, always taking the time to care more about me being happy, than himself.

He does most of our laundry. He does most of our dishes, and cleans out the litter box and remembers to feed the cats. He does the morning routines while I sleep (and I sleep HARD), and wakes me up when he's leaving for work. He does the weekend cooking. He always makes sure we have family prayer in the morning and at night. How much more romantic could he be?

And the computers, woohoo for Rob. He can troubleshoot just about anything, even if he would rather be doing something else (i.e. playing WoW). He comes and helps me figure things out that are beyond my understanding.

He won't let me beat myself for my sins and shortcomings, explaining that is Satan's plan, to discourage me into believing I'm a hopeless cause (even though it's hard not to believe that!). He won't let me compare myself, and has actually gotten it through my head that I can't compare my worst against someone else's best, which we gals ALL know we do. In fact, we compare our worst against the best parts of a dozen different people's strengths, creating this impossible, enviable amazing person to wish we were, that doesn't exist.

He defines success as being able to help his wife be happy. What more could a little cinderella wish for? He makes me want to be a better person. Here's hoping we make it to the celestial kingdom together, because he's a keeper! I love you, Rob.

and ps. Happy Birthday tomorrow, honey.


Katie said...

What a nice post! We think that Rob is pretty cool too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Brig said...

But I often feel like Rob is one in a million.

Thank heaven for small miracles! ;)

I think he's pretty neat too. I especially like the part about where he's such a good friend. He was a boost to my self-confidence as a teen, always amazed and delighted at my exploits, ready to be a partner in crime--within reason. But he probably doesn't know how much I looked up to him; between his musical talents, his 1337 gaming abilities, and his moral strength, he was...well...he was my hero while I was growing up. Him and Sweetwood, but Sweetwood was everybody's hero.

Kimbooly said...

Wow. Thanks, Brigham. You said it better than I could; Rob is my hero.

I love your words. Thank you so much. I don't think Rob knows you looked up to him, but I KNOW he really looked up to you.

I had to laugh at the "within reason" part; Rob is only willing to take craziness so far, as we both know. And I've got a little more crazy in me than Rob does (you, my friend, have a LOT more) ; )

Oh, and Brig, one more thing. I apologize that I was so controlling of Rob when we first got married. I was super-clingy, and thought that's how marriage was supposed to be. Now, nearly 12 years later, I've learned a thing or two. Or three. Or ten.... You get the picture.

Teric said...


DFThompson said...

Those of us that know him online think he's one in a million to. I'll let ya in on a little secret. The same way you feel about Rob, I also feel the same way for my kitten. We haven't been married as long as you two but we are working on it.

Kimbooly said...


Glad to know Rob's got great online friends.

And that's so sweet about your kitten; Rob also calls me his kitten (imagine, a kitten and a dragon. Interesting combination, dontcha think)