Friday, November 14, 2008


Many conversations occur while I am in transit with my kids, like the time the boys were discussing mammals and reptiles, and argued over whether or not "mommy" was a mammal. I was quite amused (and should I be relieved?) that they finally classified me as a mammal because I don't lay eggs.

Here is a conversation that I participated in recently:

Me: (Quite annoyed, just getting off of a phone conversation on my ear bud, which ended up not being visable to Jeffrey) Jeffrey! Could you NOT see that I was on talking on the phone? Will you please wait until I'm off the phone to talk to me?

Jeffrey: I didn't know you were on the phone. I thought you were talking to yourself.

Me: (Now quite amused, laughing) What? You thought I was talking to myself? What, do you think I'm crazy? That I just talk to myself?

Jeffrey: Daddy talks to himself.

Me: Yeah, but daddy IS crazy.

Jeffrey and Bryce: Nearly fall out of their seatbelts they are laughing so hard. Nathan even joins in laughing, wanting to be part of the action.

It turned from me being irritated, to having a really good laugh with my boys. We called Rob and told him about it, and he also cracked up. It was so funny that over a month later, the kids are still bringing it up.


Stacy said...

That's funny. Your kids are so clever.
I was just thinking about you yesterday and how Evelyn would love to play with Bryce. She had a friend over and they tried to play Skip-Bo, but her friend didn't quite get it. I thought of how good Bryce is with numbers and he'd probably love to play it with her. I miss you!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

That's a good one.

With us, I often end up feeling like a dork bec. the kids have pointed out something that should have been completely obvious to me.

Brig said...

It's true. He is. And he does. In his sleep, least he did when we were roomies.

Shelly said...

lol! I haven't gotten that one yet from the kids when they interrupt phone conversations.

BillieJo said...

That's adorable. I can just picture them laughing. :)

Kimbooly said...

Stacy, you're my favorite person right now for saying my kids are clever. I miss you so much, as always!

Bryce would LOVE to play with Evelyn.

Jane, you're a favorite, too. It was a good one! Yay for kids that point out those obvious things, right? Uh, yeah. Yay. Good thing I'm not too prideful, right?

Brig-love it, love it, love it. Rob does talk to himself and he is crazy. Of course, I'm crazy, too. My craziness just manifests itself in diff. ways.

Shelly-they do always interrupt phone conversations, don't they?

Kimbooly said...

BillieJo, your blog won't let me comment; I have to be a "team member" to comment. Will you add me as a team member? Here's my comment anyway:

Your dad is definitely a salt of the earth guy. What a trooper.

I love your posts, and I'm glad to see I can comment on them now. How I miss you and your family! And yay for your friend that fed six children for dinner!

I still remember when I was stuck on the side of a toll road with all three of my children for over 3 hours, when Nathan was about 8 weeks old. It was our 2nd day in CA, and we didn't know anyone but Rob's aunt that we had stayed with the night before.

It was pretty crazy. A nice cop stayed with me pretty much the whole time, and we had a little potty training potty in the van, so all the kids used it (even me!!), and then I would dump out the urine in the grass on the side of the highway. Aaaah, memories, eh?

We love you!

Anonymous said...

My boys and I spend a lot of time in the car too. The conversations can be pretty crazy. The conversations that I dread are the "who farted louder" conversations. At least it's been determined that mommy doesn't fart.. LOL

Stephanie said...


i fully intend to use that line (but daddy is crazy) someday.

Tesana said...


I guess it's a good thing that I'm anti-cellphone then, since I talk to myself too.

All the time. Having kids is great in grocery stores, because it gives me an "excuse." ;)

Sarah K. said...

Haha! Your boys sound really funny. It's great when you can have a laugh with your kids :)

Kristy Lynne said...