Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

I got a cute little book from Bryce on Mother's Day titled: "All About My Mother, The Best Person on Earth"

Each page has a sentence that he completed. I wrote his answers in italics, with his exact spellings/grammar.

One of the things I like most about my mother is that she...
takes me to nice places. She also takes good care of me (the picture of the "nice" place I take him is of McDonalds, only he has written "McDogfoods," a family joke).

When my mom has some free time, she likes to...
watch movies on her laptop. Also read. (right on, kiddo, right on)

Some of my mom's favorite animals are:
horses, dogs, and cats

Some of the things my mother loves to eat are...
pizza, apples, and fish! mostly Pizza! (Hmm. I'm not a huge pizza fan and don't like fish)

My mother is...
fun, nice, funny. (Good, good, brownie points for you, dear)

Now Mother, I've told you how special you are to me and just to prove how much I think of you. I'll make your day happier by:
making a cake. (Of course you're making that cake for me, honey. Of course.)

Mother makes our home feel special when she:
Bakes a cake (More cake!)
Buy's a mtt trop carryar. (He means this lovely $100 Star Wars lego set)

It was too perfect. Aww.

I could go on about all the sweet little things my family did for me on Mother's Day, or saved for me for when I got home (I was in Houston on Mother's Day), but I won't bore you. They were precious and I'm glad I'm a mama.


Stacy said...

According to Evelyn's mother's day book from kindergarten, I am 30 pounds (ha ha!) 12 feet tall, and 20 years old. I yell when I'm mad, I like to eat cup of noodles, wear dresses, and go to Jumping Jack's when she's at school.
Kids are so fun! (Except when they're not. When we left the park today, Eli was so mad at me. He kept crying, "Mom, let me go!" from his carseat the whole way home. But then he instantly fell asleep in his new toddler bed at home instead of trying to get out of it like he did yesterday. Wow, these are random facts. We were at Salem Pond with Sarah and her kids. We had a really great time. I'm so sad that they're trying to move. How dare friends move away, right?)

Katie said...

Awww! How was Houston?

Kimbooly said...

I love the jumping jacks comment!

And Houston was WONDERFUL! What a refreshing weekend. So far I've mostly been a better mother since I've been back. ; )