Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To Top it Off

As wonderful as mother's day already was, my friend Stephanie sent me this hilarious "Mother of the Year" news clip that inserts the name you give it. It is 1 minute, 47 seconds.

I think my favorite comment is at the very end when the newscaster says, "Up next, a new study confirms that pulling your hair into a ponytail is NOT the same as taking a shower."

Plus the baby is darling, that "talks" about moms. And the guy at the beginning who says how we selflessly work "52" hours a day. LOL!


adorned with life said...

Sounds funny. I'll have to check it out when I'm in a better mood.

How are you these days? I tried commenting a couple of times last week but the Typekey thing wouldn't work. And it still won't work. So, I'm using my old blog account because you don't allow for Anon/Name and website comments.


Kimbooly said...

It is HILARIOUS. In fact, watching it when you're in a bad mood will, IMHO, make you laugh, even if it's a mirthless laugh.

So sorry abt. my comments not working. I wonder why? Maybe that's why no one's been commenting lately! Or maybe my blog's just gotten boring. : )

I don't allow for website comments? I thought I just didn't allow anon comments, cuz I'm nosy and I seriously want to know just who said what; it's funnier when I know who it came from (especially my neighbor Kevin).

I'm doing GREAT! Tomorrow I could be awful, but today I'm great!