Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"150% Pure Boy"

UPDATED 7/29/09 (daily grats added in at the bottom)

Those were almost the exact words of the ultrasound technician today when she confirmed that we are indeed having our 4th boy, due Jan. 4th, 2010!

I had what's called a routine "first screening" at 12 weeks with a high-tech ultrasound machine to look for the possibility of a down-syndrome baby, and that's when the technician said she was 75% sure it was a boy.

So...there was that 25% hope...even among all my boys (who all want a sister), but today we now know for sure we have another little boy joining our family. : ) Look out world! It looks like we're working on a basketball team!*

*If you say baseball team I may clobber you--I don't intend on having 9 children!

Daily Grats:

1. Bella bands. Best invention ever for pregnant ladies. I've never had one before (they didn't exist when I was pregnant w/ Nathan). It's really helping for the in-between period where you just look fatter but pregnancy clothes would drown you, while your own jeans don't fit if you try to zip or button them.

2. Looking pregnant. Because of my bella band, I can wear my normal jeans and I look pregnant. A vanity, I know, but I have always looooooooved looking pregnant, seeing my little baby bump grow, knowing there's a little life growing in there!
3. Nathan's swimming teacher. After two years of fruitless lessons, I paid more for a private teacher that I was told was strict and very effective. And he is. Today is Nathan's 4th lesson, and he's swimming at least a yard, even though he's still crying about it. A week ago, he wouldn't even put his head under water.
4. Going to my ultrasound yesterday with my best friend, Tami. The best girlfriend outing ever, to look at a precious little baby moving around on the monitor and ooh and aaah like little girls.
5. My husband. How did I get him? And how cool is it that he gets better over time? I mean, he doesn't have to impress me anymore. He caught me. But he just keeps proving his worth, often without even complaining about all my weaknesses.


stewbert said...

woohoo! Congrats! my DD has started asking for a sister ... baby is barely 1!

Emily said...

Congratulations! At least you don't have to buy all new clothes, right? Really, though, they're going to have so much fun together. Trevor's mom had 5 boys in a row and they had so much fun growing up and still have so much fun together. And she finally had a girl at the end. :)

Sarah K said...

It must be the year-of-the-boy b/c it seems like everyone is having one :)
Congratulations! Lucy really wanted a sister too - she just wanted to exchange him at the hospital :p

Nana (Lonna)and Grandpa (Max) said...

I'll take another Wilson boy any day. They are just too cute! And cuddly!

What is a bella band? We just took really long rubber bands and hooked them through the hole in the waistband and attached them at the button.

So glad that Nathan's head has officially been under water at a swimming pool! This is a big step forward.

Shelly said...

Aunt Lonna,

Bella bands are basically tube tops worn lower. It's a section of fabric worn underneath the shirt and over the pants to help non-maternity pants last longer (non-maternity shirts too). I wore one at Janene's shower.


What do you mean bella bands are great for pregnant women only? As a 5'10" woman who cannot find shirts long ehough, I have continued wearing mine post-pregnancy and LOVE them.