Monday, July 27, 2009

Nathan's take on bedtime cuddling

Nathan's perspective is, should I say, most interesting?

Last night reminded me of one of his strong opinions that he has voiced for several months now.

Occasionally I lie down with Nathan at bedtime to help settle him down. He consistently cries with great concern:

"Mommy, if you stay here, in the morning we will be sad. Because you'll break the bed!"

So much for tired little cuddling kiddos pleading, "Don't go yet, mommy!"


Jane of Seagull Fountain said...

Too cute. (I wonder if it is because he knows your pregnant? Does he know?)

How are you feeling? I am crossing my fingers for the next few days. ;P

Katie said...

I heard that he said the same thing to Nana. You need to teach him some manners. :)

Kimbooly said...


All the kids know I'm pregnant. In fact, the morning we told them, Nathan announced it to all of primary. : )

Nathan frequently asks me if the baby is still in there, and he sings songs to the baby, and kisses my tummy, and talks to the baby.

However, the breaking the bed thing he just says, no matter who is on the bed. He started saying before I was ever pregnant, and just as my sister Katie said, he told it to his nana when she cuddling with him. And she didn't know he regularly says it!

I'm feeling quite tired, but excited to feel the baby move, and looooooove even remotely looking pregnant. : ) I'll cross my fingers for you, too. You're brave to be so open on your blog--I would get irritated if people kept asking me how it was going.

I'm getting a little emotional from time to time, but not too bad (thanks to Prozac!) like my last pregnancy, where they took me off Zoloft cold turkey. I was a loose cannon with a short, emotional temper.

Yes, I need to teach them all some manners. When Bryce opened his legos from Tami & Kevin, he immediately exclaimed, "This is much better than the other legos!," speaking of the lego set that he was thrilled about 2 days earlier, that were given to him by Grandma & Grandpa Wilson. AND, the grandparents were right there when he said it. !Aye aye aye!