Monday, April 20, 2009

It will be a great day

when I no longer have to preface most instructions to my children with the words,

"Without complaining, please do xyz...."


Anonymous said...

Or, "without whining"!

I'll get caught up on your blog soon. I'm offline a lot lately, in part because my laptop powercord died.

So exhausted right now but had to stop by to say hi.

Nana (Lonna)and Grandpa (Max) said...

Do you remember "Sure, I'd Love To". It worked when you were young. Ought to try it. I hope you remember how it worked.

Kimbooly said...

Absolutely, Natasha. Without whining is definitely included in the complaining category, but could have its very own category. You've seen the Pachobel Canon "whining" song played on a guitar by a dad, right? If not, I'll direct you to it:

Mom, I love the "Sure, I'd love to," phrase that you instilled in us, which did work for a long period of time. With my kids I haven't found it to stick. I keep saying it, though.

Often, rather than get mad, I respond how I want them to. For example:

me--Bryce, it's time eat dinner. Please come help set the table. Do you want to be the 'plate' man, or the 'silverware' man?

bryce--(the moment I started speaking, makes a big moan that gets higher in pitch and starts with a cry. his words are all a high-pitched whine/cry) But I was *just* going to xyz!!!!! Uhnnnnnn!

me--Wow, mom, thanks so much for making us dinner. I'm glad to help set the table.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Shelly said...

LOL! I've also heard "Sure Mom, I'd be happy to".

I answer for my kids too (sometimes even my husband).

Brig said...

Well when you give them such confusing instructions like "please do xyz," how are they supposed to react? Maybe if you stop speaking gibberish you'd get more cooperation!

Sheesh! How does one do xyz anyways?

Kimbooly said...

Sheesh right back--*your* kids don't speak gibberish* yet? Better get crackin' since time's awastin'!

*Isn't it sad I was too lazy to put "xyz" in parentheses to portray that regardless of what I ask them, it's annoying to always have to preface it with one of the following:

"Without whining, do (xyz)...."
"Without getting angry, it's time to (abc)...."
"Without complaining, please (lmno)...."
"Without rolling your eyes, will you (jkl)....?"

Ok, maybe it's just me being lazy that I add all the "without"s, because I don't want to deal with all the complaining. On a good day I can ignore the emotional drama without it draining me.

On good days.