Tuesday, April 14, 2009

With Parents Kind of Weird

So, we're making ice cream last night for our FHE* activity to teach our boys how important family teamwork is. (Hint, hint, boys!)

(This picture doesn't do our hands justice; they were COLD and RED!!)

Once we finished up and started eating the reward of our hard, freezing cold labor, Jeffrey started humming a child's hymn from our church called "I am a child of God," which starts:

I am a child of God
And He has sent me here.
Has given me an earthly home,
With parents kind and dear....

I was feeling goofy, and sang along to his humming, except I changed the last line, "With parents silly and crazy."

Rob piped up, "No, no, no, no." Then he sang the song from the start, one-upping my word changes about the parents:

"...With parents kind of weird."

The kids laughed so hard I think someone snorted ice cream.

*F.H.E. Family Home Evening, often called family night, that we hold each Monday evening. Usually we have an opening prayer, a song, a short lesson, a closing song and prayer, and on good nights, an activity and/or dessert.


Katie said...

LOL. I love you and your "weirdness."

Shelly said...

Why were you doing it with your hands? I've never seen that before. I've seen the #10 can kind and the power kind, but this is new.

Where's the picture of ice cream coming out the nose?

Kimbooly said...

Doing it with our hands was the point of the "teamwork" activity. : )

Sorry, no pic of the ice cream being snorted. It was more of a metaphor for how funny it was. ; )

Sarah K said...

Lucy now wants to make ice cream for FHE. Great idea! Never done it before - any pointers?

Brig said...

Truer words were never spoken from the mouths of children.