Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cub Day Camp 2009

Cub Scout Day Camp 2009 was, of course, TERRIFIC! The boys all had such a fantastic time. Jeffrey was a Webelo (10 yr old cub), Bryce a Wolf (8 yr old cub), and Nathan went to sibling camp, dedicated to kids too young to attend the regular festivities (ages 3-7).

I couldn't find my camera this week. So. You get lots of pics, just not of anybody I know. I want to at least present a good snapshot of how many things occurred in 5 days, from 8 am-1:30 pm each day:

The theme this year: The American Adventure.

Webelos, Bears (9 yr olds), and Wolves= light blue shirts (and if you see them in red, those are pics from last year, 2008)
Adult volunteers= royal blue shirts,
Staff= forest green shirts,
Youth volunteers= orange shirts
Siblings= regular green shirts

The "main" meeting place, without all the people. Each flag represents an entire den (4-18 kids), and you can only see about a third of the flags!

The main meeting place, WITH people. Wowsa. And we were the morning session. There's still another whole session in the afternoon, repeating everything we did in the morning. Again, you can only see about 1/3 of the whole group in this pic.

Den flags. Each den paints one. LOADS of fun for the boys.

Several scouts patiently listen to instructions to start off a rotation; each den has 5 rotations a day. (Except that kid in the middle with glasses who's grinning and smiling for the camera while covering his ears!)

This is Sibling Camp, where anyone who's not old enough to join the rest of the stuff gets to stay, so moms can volunteer toddler-free! Bryce attended sibling camp the last two years and loved it, as did Nathan.

I couldn't find a shot of the playground, but I liked how sibling camp was set up, in a shady area with its own crafts and whatnot, right next to a great playground.

Woodworking. Another fave. HUGE fave. This year Bryce made a toolbox, Jeffrey made a boat with a propeller.


Lunchtime! Another fave--the kids would go buy snacks each day, usually candy or ice cream.

The den sits together in the main area eating our lunches. I sign Nathan out of sibling camp to come eat with all of us.

Our GREAT youth volunteers. They are all over the place, and really help camp run. And their energy and vitality is infectious. : )
Aquatics. Only for Webelos, so this was Jeffrey's first year canoeing, kayaking, rafting, etc. Something different every day until water wars on Friday.
And.... here it's Friday. Let the water wars begin! The cubs throw soft balls at each other that sit in a tub of water.
And.... this is AFTER the water wars. Bryce was literally swimming in the mud at the end, wallowing like a cute little piggy! I don't think we'll ever get his clothes clean!
ARCHERY!!! Need I say more? Hands down the BEST part of cub camp. And it's one rotation every single day, so the cubs get to shoot EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Jeffrey's a great shot. He hit a perfect bulls-eye on Friday, and then I also hit a bulls-eye right after him!

Bottle rockets. Notice this dad volunteer getting in on the action. : )
More bottle rockets. Do you see the straight shot of water going up? The youth volunteer is sure getting wet!
And all of these pictures are only a snapshot of the week. I didn't find shots of the games they played, the hikes they took, the raising and on Friday, retiring of an old flag, the entertainment program each day during the final half hour of cub camp, the "caught-being-good" coins they earned and could trade in for small toys, marbles, cooking over open fires, etc, etc, etc!
And then our pack had a huge pizza pool party where we gave the boys all the awards they earned during the week. It was quite the blow-out.
Speaking of which, I'm exhausted!

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Kristy Lynne said...

That looks really awesome and I bet it was wonderful. They need to have camps like that for adults. I guess that's why they get so many volunteers. :)