Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daily Grats!

1. The sun! The sun came out!

Emo, on a kid who is locked inside all the time: "My parents had one rule. NEVER open the "cellar" door....
But one day, it was unlocked, and I just had to see what was behind that door. I opened it, looked out, and saw--- trees, grass, flowers; the sun--oh yeah, the sun, *that* was nice."

2. My parents got an offer on their home, and both sets of parents may have jobs SOON!

3. Nathan's adorable comments:
--"Mom, what's the elbow on my leg called?" (knee)

--In the morning, when I needed to do several housework items and told Nathan I was not going to play Zelda just so he could watch me:
"Mom, Heavenly Father wants you to play Zelda" (recognizes we consider God to be an authority greater than parents, so when I tell him "no" to something, lately, he'll quite sincerely use God to try and get around my answer. Another example is:
"Heavenly Father will be happy if I get one more drink of water and then go back to bed."

--Leaving a several story building: "Mom, what was the alligator called again? We just came down the alligator."
Me: "The elevator?"
Nathan: "Ohhhh yeaaaaah! The elevator!"

--Going to a well check-up: "Mom, are they going to choke me?" (due to a strep test over a month ago)
Me: "No."
Nathan: "Are they going to choke my ear?" (due to them cleaning the wax out of his ears a few days earlier, a painful experience for him)
Me: "No, honey. They're all done. They won't choke you or hurt your ear."
Nathan: (covering ALL his bases) "Are they going to hurt me at all?
Me: (as I wince) "Yes, honey. Today you get lots of shots." Luckily he was very brave about them.

4. Jeffrey's good attitude when doing homework. He had a good attitude Monday, and it made *such* a difference!

5. Tomorrow's the last day of school! As much as I'm not ready for school to be out due to the extra messiness, I am SOOO excited to have my kids home!


Janell R. Cropper said...

I love your daily grats! :) Also, I'm so glad to hear your parents got an offer on their home. I realize it's the perfect little home in the perfect location, but I also realize that they need to get it sold and get those jobs! hooray!

Nana (Lonna)and Grandpa (Max) said...

Hey . . . wait a minute . . . the house is not yet sold! We countered on the offer and are waiting to see if they accept it. If they do, it will not be sold until July 22nd when we close. We still have a for-sale sign in the yard.

On the other note: Nathan is hilarious. How I love that boy!

Katie said...

Cute post. Thanks for sharing.