Monday, June 1, 2009

It's the END of the World!

Nathan declared that today is the end of the world.

Why, you ask? Because he cannot STAND taking baths, and today I reiterated that he still needs to take a bath almost every day, even if he's not terribly "dirty."

After that, from the bathtub, he declared multiple times that today is the "last day," i.e. The END of the WORLD!!!,

so he doesn't have to take a bath tomorrow!

What's really funny is that once he gets into the bath for a few minutes, he plays for quite some time. So I don't know what the initial aversion is, but it was the same way with his naps (when he took them, aaah, what nice days those were).

Daily Gratitudes:
1. Telephone. This morning I have ticked off at least four pressing items by telephone. Quick, done, ta da.
2. Friends. I just love my friends. They make life bearable (this doesn't exclude family, who I also consider "friends," not just people that have to put up with me no matter what).
3. Music. My students played fantastically Sat. morning at a nursing home, and shared their talents with at least 30 of the wheel-chaired residents that were gathered in the main dining room. I loved hearing all of them and they did a GREAT job!
4. Sleep. And Rob, who lets me sleep. Right now, I've bumped up from 9-10 hrs to 11-12 if I can swing it. Sweet sleep.

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Stacy said...

YOU are sleeping 11-12 hours a night? I can't even imagine that. Sounds nice....