Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Gospel, According to Jeffrey

Adorable Sunday notes--

How can I not share some of Jeffrey's sporadic notes that he has taken during different sacrament meetings? I've tried to retype exactly as he wrote as I transfer most of his written notes to Word, for posterity (or maybe blackmail, hee hee hee, or just teenage embarrassment...). I have italicized what I think are the cutest ways he writes things, the funny ways he thinks:

What I know.
Before you were
born, we were all in heavin.
And lucipher (who is saitin) was a
good man. Then,
he wanted to rule everbody.
they had a fight and god won.

When you die,
it's not actuly
a bad thing.
You get
to go to
heavin, you
get to be
a teenageor
and heavin
is the
best place
to live!
Well not really,
it's really the cellestial kingdom. [As if the celestial kingdom were something different than heaven.... Ooh, and to get to be a teenager!]

We see faith in
Jesus Christ, and the gospel.
The gospel teaches us
about god and what's
happening with
him. Why do
some people not go
to church? Because
people like to play
twoday instead of just
saterday. Everyone
needs to go
to church. If you
do not go to church,
you will not live a happy way. [That one just cracks me up. We'd better get over being sick and having to stay home from church-I want to live "a happy way"]

We can
all be a good exsample.
You've studyed more
than ever before.
We know that we
live for a long time.
How important
are the things we do
today? Most important.
You need to work
more for your parents
(except sundays). On sunda-
ys, ye shall read
scriptures by working,
especaly when you
are a missionary. [Another one that just cracks me up; "No, mom, I can't help clear the table today. It's SUNDAY. I should be working on reading my scriptures"]

And my very favorite of all:

If ye are idal [idle], ye are crazy. Ye shall not be crazy.

*wipes tears from eyes* What an enjoyable morning. Cute kiddo!


Sarah K said...

He's a keeper.

I love the "Well not really,
it's really the cellestial kingdom."

Nana (Lonna)and Grandpa (Max) said...

I am so impressed that he is taking such detailed notes in Church at his age. He never fails to impress me!

WATGNAT said...

This blog is getting way too Mormon

Kimbooly said...

Sarah--thx, I agree! He is a keeper.

Mom--Um, I'd love to confirm his maturity level abt taking notes in church, but he rarely takes them on his own. I usually ask him to take notes on a particular talk, and he quite gripes abt it. But when he takes notes, I think they're so funny!

Kevin-You prefer the posts about you being my hero, me finding black widows, and Nathan declaring the end of the world to avoid a bath.

But you gotta admit, mormon-ness aside, Jeffrey's notes are funny! I mean, "they had a fight and God won." That's a pretty cute and simplistic! (Which, it's even funnier to me, because I'm like, "Well, yeah, of course God is going to win if there's a fight!")

And the idle/crazy is hilarious! That certainly wasn't in any talk when Jeffrey was taking notes. It's his own brand of thinking.

But I digress, and here's a little non-mormon tidbit for today: Nathan declared that he is allergic to water this morning in an attempt to get out of taking one of his dreaded baths. Be happy little Danger can't talk yet.