Sunday, July 6, 2008

Baby Nathan

Baby Nathan is here! Not mine, of course, I'd tell you all if I was having a baby. My best friend here in CA, Tami Langley, is also my next-door neighbor, and she had a little boy yesterday morning at 9:17 am. He came quite early despite her month of bedrest and her last week in the hospital, but he looks beautiful and healthy. Tami & husband Kevin are so happy, and all are doing well. Here's my first try at posting pics. Nathan Danger Langley is 4 lbs 6 oz, 17 1/2 inches long.


Shelly said...

He's a cutie! Even looks like he is smiling. How early was he?

So happy for them!

Kimbooly said...

She had him a little after 33 weeks, so we're glad she made it this far; it's maybe 7 1/2 months? In the hospital they wanted to try and keep her at least until 34 or 35 weeks, but it wasn't meant to be.

Rebecca Mother of A Tribe said...

Hi Kim!

Thanks for inviting me to your blog! I'll be dropping in.

WATGNAT said...

His parents really named him Danger? That's pretty messed up.