Sunday, July 6, 2008

Misleading blog title

Ok, so I'm looking at the definition of idealist, and realize my blog title is a little misleading. Though I think it's very clever and funny (thanks Katie for the idea), I really do continue to be an idealist; I really do cherish/pursue high and noble principles, goals, and purposes, all relating to the Plan of Salvation. I think the difference is, I now realize that they are not the everyday norm, which is why I love the quote at the bottom of my first post. When we're having FHE (family home evening), I don't base its success on how the kids acted or received it (if I did, I would be a very depressed person sometimes). I base it on the fact that we are in the right place at the right time, and that I am teaching my children how to act during FHE.

I'm still a blogging baby, but hopefully will post pictures as I get better at this. Then, hopefully video and add some soundtracks, and especially links to all of my blogging friends and family.

Today was very emotional for me at church, knowing Lonnie used to be here every week and I had forgotten he even was a primary teacher for awhile. Our bishop helped address it a little and especially how to respond to our kids' questions about it. Being an emotional day, I relied on my anchor, which is my testimony of the Savior and understanding of God's plan for us. It also makes me want to cling to my family and be a better parent, and strengthen my marriage even more.

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