Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Budding Virtuoso. Again.

Drumroll......we bought Jeffrey a cheap violin on Ebay! He is now adding to his pianist prowess with another instrument.

He has taken to it like a fish to water. His piano teacher has been teaching him a little with her violin at the end of his piano lessons, and he's been expressing interest in taking violin lessons. He's now already had his first violin lesson and he's taking off!

(Bryce and Nathan are quite offended that I didn't buy them one, too, as if a violin were a $5 toy at StuffMart)


Teric said...

(sung to the tune of the Blue Danube)
da-da-da dum dum..


That's our boy! It's fun to hear him practicing in the morning. Even though he's obviously a beginner, I'm impressed that he's already able to get some clear notes out of the instrument.

kaje said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Spence will be so jealous when he finds out! He's been asking for violin lessons too.

Stacy said...

Oh, he's such a genius. If he picks up the violin as fast as he has piano, it will be amazing. Do you have any elementary school programs? He's about the age that he could do that, right? I took a class in 6th grade that got me interested in the violin, and we found a pretty nice violin for $50 on our way from moving from Florida to Idaho.
Too bad I'm not there to give him lessons. :( That would have been fun.

Tesana said...

I really enjoyed his performance of "Entertainer" at the talent show. Wonderful!

Kimbooly said...

Stacy, I think this is the year he can start a school program. I paid $35 total for this little violin. I think it's the find of the century, especially since it actually plays and makes good tunes. Jeffrey scratches/screeches less than a third of his notes, too. I'm so pleased.

I do wish you were here; you could teach him! Oh I wish you were here, not even just for the violin lessons! You could have helped me not to accidentally throw away the bridge that came with the violin, or learn how to break up his new rosin so we could rosin up his bow. Until then I worried I had been suckered into buying an expensive but useless toy.

Now, it works quite nicely after I fished the bridge out of the garbage and set it up via some internet instructions.

Anonymous said...

Jeffery played for me and I thought he did a great job. He was so proud of himself!