Friday, July 11, 2008

Fairy Tears

At swim lessons Jeffrey & Bryce take turns for semi-private before all three boys' regular lesson time, so Nathan runs around a lot the first half hour. Yesterday I was quite amused to find them playing their own form of tag once they grew bored of their simple "123 Go!" races. Someone was the "holder." If the holder reached someone and started bear-hugging/holding them, they lost energy. But, as I started to play, and Nathan was hugging my legs, Jeff exclaimed, "Don't worry mom, you've got three lives before you die!" I held my children off from gaming as long as possible, but this certainly proves they love to game now.

A similar experience happened at dinner two nights ago. I got some free pink tampico punch from one of my Scoutorama coupon books, a rare a yummy dinner delight. I only half-noticed the kids saying it was fairy tears, or fairy juice, and made them eat bites of food before refills. Only when I heard Nathan pipe up did I really smile at my imaginative boys. Nathan took a drink and said, "I drank my fairy tears, now I'm all hearted up," meaning that if he was playing a video game, his heart meter (health) would have filled up. Can we say, too much time watching/playing Zelda??? Still, I love watching their creative play.
As for all the pictures above, I love the rare, non-fighting moments between Bryce and Nathan. They look like best buds. I also love Nathan's face at Golden Spoon afterwards, while he puts his whole energy into eating his frozen yogurt. That's how ice cream/yogurt *should* be eaten! Yum!


Teric said...

Thanks for posting the pics, sweetheart. I'm afraid all the video game references are my fault; but I still think their comments were very funny.

NobodyofGreatImport said...

long live video games! Rob did you go to E3? Whats the biggest news this year?

Kim, where's your personality test results? We all posted ours. YOUR TURN!

Kimbooly said...

Jake, I tried to post my personality test results, per this post, but didn't copy the text right (where's Rob, Stacy, or Jake when you need them? Assuming Jake programs; I know Stacy and Rob do, but I'm a duncehead about whether Jake does), and my blog wouldn't post it.

My comprehensive test said I was very neurotic, pretty agreeable, only 1% conscientious, blah blah blah. I'd like to think I'm not so neurotic, and more conscientious. Who makes these tests, any way? : )

Jen said...

Kimberly, I saw you blog from a post that Jake did about Rob's blog. lol Your kids are getting so big I cant believe it. Although it has been a long time. ;)