Monday, July 14, 2008

True Story

My favorite father in law in the whole world calls me yesterday.

I'm excited to hear from him. "How are you doing?" I ask.
He answers, then says, "Well, I called to say Happy Birthday..."
"Oh," confused, I reply, "Well, thank you," knowing my birthday is three days away.
He continues, " ME!!"
Lightbulbs turn on, fire bells go off, now I remember. It's HIS birthday.

How embarassing! I am the world's WORST birthday rememberer. Even my sister Kristy has pulled me aside and explained that she was born ON tax day, so I should be able to remember her birthday. Aaagh! Luckily, my FIL is my favorite in the whole world for a reason. He called to give me a hard time, but it was all in good fun. Love you, dad Wilson!


Shelly said...

Just here to attest that you are the worlds worst birthday rememberer. You sent me an e-card once in August and my birthday's in October. LOL for Roger's joke!

girl_on_scaffold said...

Hi Kimberly,

My name is Carolina and I am from Chile. I am actually studying English Pedagogy, so I use my blog to improve and share both.
It was really nice of you to write in my blog and it was very helpful. For that reason, I am very grateful.
I would like you to go and check out my blog once in a while just to make comments and read what I have to say. It seems to me that we are very alike because we love people. Maybe that's why I chose this career.
Your entry for today was really fun, hahaha, but don't remembering people's birthday does not mean you are a bad person. Sometimes, people forget to love and that is so much worse.
Well, thanks again and I hope you read my blog again.


Kimbooly said...

Shelly, it's so true! I was just having a conversation with Rob about whether your birthday was in August or October, he reminded me October, and then I was trying to remember if it was on the 9th, 10th, or 11th. Do I get a hint? Please?

Kristy also reminded me that mom and dad's birthdays are both on Conference weekend, how could I forget them? Since then it has helped me, Mom's is April 5th and Dad's is Oct. 5 (I think?).

Stacy said...

Hmmm... about birthdays. Isn't today yours? I'm pretty sure, so Happy Birthday! If not, maybe you're not the worst one about birthdays after all.

Rorie Jones said...

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