Monday, July 7, 2008

Lonnie Ramos Update

Apparently Lonnie dropped Ryan off at an LDS church in Juarez, Mexico and then took off. Somehow he then was in a fatal car accident. Almost as baffling an ending as the tragic beginning.

I don't really know how to process this, how this will work out for him after this life. I do wonder if this is how Heavenly Father feels when we make poor decisions (sometimes life-alternating) and Heavenly Father knows that's not who we are. I can imagine better His heartache when we make choices that adversely affect us and our eternal welfare, as well as the welfare of close family/friends around us. I knew the "good" Lonnie, a really compassionate person. It's so hard for me to understand him taking such drastic measures.

I'm so sorry for the estranged wife, as well as for the psychological effects on poor Ryan. Ryan has been flown back to the US, and has already been able to visit his mom in the hospital.


Kimberly said...

Hey Kimberly,
I miss you bunches, I am really sorry about your friend Lonnie, I hope and pray for his little boy and his mother. you have my email please send me a personal note with your number. I really want to talk to you. Love you,

Teric said...

I'm also very shocked by this. I like what you said--we know the kind, compassionate Lonnie. I had no idea he had something like this in him.

Kimbooly said...

Rob spoke on this same issue, and said it so much better than me. His comments about Lonnie are at

" I Love My Life!" said...

We knew Lonnie too........He came to our home so early one morning to help us with our roof that was falling in around us during the storm. He was such a sweet caring person. I just cant believe he is gone. I know how strong his grief was though with all the fighting of trying to keep a relationship with Ryan...gosh he loved him so much. Lonnie came with our family to the dedication of the Newport Beach Temple, and the dance festival when President Hinkley spoke. HE WAS so happy to be amist the Prophet!
He was so happy that day.
I will miss you Lonnie!