Monday, February 16, 2009

Box of chocolates--except it's really cake!

Remember the picture I posted of a cake that looks like a box of chocolates? As darling and perfect as the little miniature furniture that you play with when you are a barbie fan as a girl? So perfect and dainty and re-created to look like the real thing, you just want to eat it up? (I didn't even intend that pun, but it works!)

My sister Katie MADE the "box of chocolates" cake! I am so completely impressed, my eyes are still popping. In fact, she made FOUR of them. Yes, my words in all caps should show you all how wowed I am by her culinary talent. But mostly, that she was willing to go to all that work. I went and looked up how to make it, read through everything, and emailed the link to my best friend Stacy (from Houston; Tami is my best friend here in CA. just sayin'), and we both agreed it was way too much work. But Katie did it!

Here are her cakes:

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Katie said...

I really enjoyed it. They didn't turn out perfectly, but they didn't fall apart. Thanks for posting about me, it made me smile. :)