Friday, February 13, 2009

The good, the bad...

Ok. Think about it. I mean, really think about it. If you ordered one of these gorgeous cakes out of a cakebook, and paid top price for a "professional" baker to make your dream wedding cake, wouldn't you be a *little* put out?

These poor brides. I seriously cringed for them!
Isn't this gorgeous? Any bride or customer would kill for such a simple yet classy wedding or anniversary cake, right?
Well, "kill" might not be the term I should use....

Now, in Jen's favor (the gal who has the Cake Wreck blog), she only makes fun of people who are paid to make cakes, which is why I keep writing "professionals" with quotation marks. She would never make fun of someone who tried their own hand at it. She's merely pointing out the paid cake decorators out there who make the rest of good cake decorators look bad.

Simple yet tasteful (and tasty, too, I'm sure!), right?

Aye aye aye! Though I would give this "professional" decorator points for the pretty scrollies that they did put on the cake (even though they don't look like the scrollies ordered), the rest of it just looks very unprofessional.
And Jen on Cake Wrecks pointed out that since Hans Solo and Lea are cake toppers, it's only fitting that in the background of the photo, it looks like Chewy is standing there. Hee hee.

The well-to-do cake that was ordered...

The "professional" mess that was delivered. Why do cake decorators make their frosting too goopy? One only needs to add more powdered sugar to make any frosting keep its shape! And did anyone else noticed the delivered cake was done in rounds, while the ordered cake is in squares?

A simple mint green box cake, three layers....
...there are so many things wrong with this poor cake, I don't even know where to start. I guess having a round cake on the top of two squares would be the place to start.
If I remember correctly, this picture was posted by the decorator on her own blog, inferring that she was proud of it. And we're talking about a paid "professional," here. (Perhaps I don't have all the story. Maybe she posted it to show that everything that could go wrong, did)

Oh how I love this cake! This is what the bride ordered. She even brought in the brown ribbon and fresh blue hydrangeas for the cake decorator to put on her simple cake. I mean, all they had to really do is make three round cakes of three different sizes, put them on top of each other from biggest to smallest, and frost them white. The ribbon and hydrangeas would only take a moment to add on...

...sigh. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. They frosted on thick ribbon and bright blue flowers! My mom is not a "professional," (well, she is in my eyes) but she could have made the ordered cake with her eyes closed!
I love this bamboo cake. I could easily have picked this cake out of a book for a nice occasion, right?...
...I guess if you didn't have your heart set on the picture from the book, or you just showed up at this party without knowing what the cake was meant to look like, you wouldn't be too disappointed, right? Oh well.
Next up!--
We covered "The Good" and "The Bad."
Next will be "The Ugly" (cakes where the writing on them makes you cringe or laugh out loud, or both).


Anonymous said...

Love these pictures! I work with brides and grooms when they come in and print their invitations. I have to say they are no longer human once they deceide to get married. They turn into some kind of creature I cannot explain. In my field, they try to cut corners no matter how much you tell them not to, they insist.

For instance, we highly recommend a $15 proof for their $3000 order and in most cases they will say no. I mean really, wouldn't she want to make sure everything was spelled correctly, punctuation all in place and the layout is perfect? nope. I had one couple absolutely refuse the proof and insisted on writing their own wording... long story short the invitation said ...

The honour of your presence is requested at the marriage of
Susie Q
ahole ............ instead of Jole!

Ok, I'm done complaining.

Kimbooly said...

Oh no! And although I'm super cheap, *if* I spent $3000 on invitations, I *would* pay the $15 for the proof. (Though I promise I'm not as cheap as I was in Houston! I have relaxed a bit!)

So, you're saying maybe these brides went for more shady, cheaper decorators--

and got what they paid for.

Sharla said...

LOL, this is so funny! I mean, that can't really be for real! And I hope all of those people got their money back. What are these people thinking??! Oh, and you won an award here at my blog:

Janell R. Cropper said...

Don't these "professionals" know that even at wal-mart you can get some simple fondant? Seriously! I'm glad my wedding cake was simply beautiful!! (and you're right, your mom is practically professional)

Kimbooly said...

And yet, my mom has never once charged someone when she's made a cake for them (granted, many of her cakes were made for our birthdays when we were growing up, so of course we wouldn't be paying customers) ; )

Cool you've heard of her infamy in the cake decorating department. If fondant was invented in my younger years, she would have been all over that and made even more incredible cakes!