Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Oops. We gotta work on this Communication Thing"*

This morning we noticed Bryce coughing and congested. About 5 minutes before school started.

As they're heading out to the car to go to school, we try to make a decision.

Jeffrey joins in. "Well, Bryce, is it communicable? If it's not, you're ok."

We decide to keep Bryce home to keep an eye on him, and send Jeffrey off to school.

The kicker:
While Rob took Jeffrey to school, Bryce heard Nathan cough at the breakfast table and quipped quite sincerely, "I think my cough communicated with Nathan."

*Will Smith in Independence Day (in the same movie Jeff Goldblum said, "Must go faster," a quote from himself in Jurassic Park)


stewbert said...

I'm gonna have to watch independence day again ... just to check. :P

We're sick too -- baby and me, I mean. everyone else is fine. *sigh*

Nana (Lonna)and Grandpa (Max) said...

I hope you are still writing down all the cute things your boys say, because they say the cutest things! Can I have them for another week now that I am well?

Kimbooly said...

About right now, mom, you can just HAVE them. I need to de-stress after just trying to do all my morning with both Bryce and Nathan. I'm about ready to skewer them both. I hope Bryce is well enough to go to school tomorrow.

Shelly said...

Not fun. I hate trying to make the decision right before school. It's also a bit frustrating when you keep a child home and they are sick, but have energy and don't understand "don't kiss the babies!", oh wait, that's my house.

Stacy said...

Bryce's comment is definitely funny. It's actually a very smart thing for Jeffrey to know what communicable means, then for Bryce to change it to communicated.
Oh, I'm sorry they're sick! Sometimes I don't mind when they're sick because then I feel like it's actually okay to turn the TV on all day. But, only sometimes. The rest of the time it sure messes up all your plans. Eli threw up in the car the other day, so I thought we were all going to get sick like that again, but he's been okay ever since.