Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There's a gal named Jen who once a week asks for pics of cakes that are fabulously made, rather than the "Cake Wreck"* pics she usually posts, of cakes gone wrong.

(This may look like a "cake wreck," but was intentionally made this way, along the theme of James Bond. Very, very well crafted)

Below are all real cakes, and are of the "fabulous" variety. Having grown up with a mom who made incredible cakes all my life, I can appreciate the beauty of a well-made cake.
And with the sliced bread of cake inventions we have now--fondant (which I discovered about a year ago), the cake-making options are endless. Fondant isn't yummy, but it is edible, and quite pliable, like clay. Just look at these real cakes for proof of the

Whimsical snow people. Happy sigh. (I like pretty things.)
This is my favorite, and 2nd is the pumpkin cake:
Can you even believe this is cake? I love the cobblestones and the mice peeking out all over.

Our family loves Nightmare Before Christmas.

Look at the details on that beautiful hill of a cake. So delicate and pretty, and based off of an even prettier, famous tapestry.

A purse? Really? For a cake? It makes sense, I guess; if someone's willing to pay $1500 for a purse, perhaps it's no big deal to pay $500 for a cake that looks like the purse...

What a cute little dragon, no? Maybe this was Teric as a baby.

All you muppet fans** out there (yes, including me), don't you think this cake deserves a blog post by itself? Amazing, huh. The title of the post would be "I brought the paper towels."

Oh, that cute penguin cake! (Gee, I like penguins!) Winking his eye and tipping his hat, all the while wearing those cute spats!

More dragon lore.

Bakerella even explains how this is a real cake, AND how to make it!

Next Post--Cakes that brides ordered, and what they actually got.
Viewer discretion advised--It may make you weep to see what some brides ended up with in the cake department, vs. what they pictured in the dream-up-your-fairytale-wedding-cake department!

*I can't vouch for all the material at Cake Wrecks, a site dedicated to cakes made by "professionals" (anyone who is paid to make/decorate a cake, such as employees at a grocer's bakery) that have gone horribly, and sometimes hilariously, wrong; occasionally I found a cake and/or comments about it that I thought was offensive. But it is where I gathered all these cake pictures, and if you want to find the sources of the cakes, you can browse through Jen's site and look them up. Her wit is usually charming and witty as can be.

**By muppet fans, and real muppet fan knows I am referring to the muppets before Jim Henson died. After that the creativity and originality of their skits diminished greatly, and is mostly dumb slapstick now.


Shelly said...

Okay they are awesome, but how can you eat them? I had a hard enough time with Emma's last birthday cake my friend helped me with. Except she makes really yummy marshmallow fondant, so I can eat it, wayyyyy too much of it.

Kimbooly said...

Oooh, so they can make fondant taste good. Amazing. I wouldn't be surprised. I just know that the one time I've used it, in its original form, it's not tasty.

Katie said...

i'm glad you liked the site i recommended. i agree that she can be crude sometimes. i found most of her comments to be very witty. ben said that he hadn't heard me laugh that much in a long time.
p.s. i'm typing one-handed

Jessica said...

I just blog jogged over and saw the Gardner's on your blog roll. Carolyn is my sister in law. Small world.

Wish I lived where you live. Maybe someday. I grew up in Yorba Linda. I live in Seattle and miss the sun very much. And my family.

Cool cakes.

Teric said...

Quote: " What a cute little dragon, no? Maybe this was Teric as a baby."

HEY! I was never that chubby, even as a baby. ;)

Sharla said...

Wow, incredible. I just can't even imagine making cakes like those.